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Roger De Bris quotes

View Quote I shall have to think about it - I'll do it.
View Quote [signing his name] Roger Elizabeth DeBris!
View Quote Quick darling, back in the closet!
View Quote You mean that smell is you? Oh GOD. If I could bottle you, I'd serve you under my armpits every day.
View Quote Of course that whole second act has to be rewritten. They're losing the war? Excuse me? It's too downbeat!
View Quote [singing] Keep it happy, keep it snappy, keep it gay!
View Quote [sung as Hitler] I was just a paper hanger
no one more obscurer.
Got a phone call from the Reichstag
told me I was Führer.
Germany was blue
What, oh, what to do?
Hitched up my pants
and conquered France.
Now Deutschland's smiling through!
It ain't no mystery
if it's politics or history.
The thing you've got to know is
everything is showbiz!
View Quote [singing] I see a line of beautiful girls dressed as stormtroopers each one a gem. With leather boots and whips on their hips. It's risque, dare I say, S&M! I see German soldiers dancing through France played by chorus boys in very tight pants. And wait there's more! THEY WIN THE WAR! And the dances they do will be daring and new. Turn turn kick turn, turn turn kick turn, one two three kick turn! Keep it sassy, keep it classy, keep it...
View Quote [sung] I'm the German Ethel Merman don't cha know?!
View Quote I'm supposed to be the Grand Duchess Anastasia, but I think I look more like the Chrysler Building!
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