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Poseidon quotes

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Captain Michael Bradford
Robert Ramsey

View Quote Captain Bradford: You may not leave this ballroom.
Robert Ramsey: Excuse me?
Captain Bradford: I am within my authority to compel you to stay, you know that.
Robert Ramsey: Captain, I understand- you have no choice. You have sick and injured people here, you need to stay with them. [Bradford nods] But I am going to find my daughter, and don't think for one second that you're going to stop me.
Connor: What are you doing?
Dylan: Thinking, you?
Connor: Thinking, what are we thinking about exactly?
Dylan: Well, I'm thinking of this door, and what's behind it.
[Connor approaches the door]
Dylan: Easy there, fireball, we don't know what's behind there.
[A tremendous explosion shakes the ballroom as the leaking gas in the galley explodes] Officer: Captain!
Captain Bradford: That felt like the galley.
Officer: The gas shut offs must have malfunctioned.
Captain Bradford: The door seals, will they keep the fire out?
Officer: Yes, Captain.
Captain Bradford: God rest their souls.
View Quote Now we're not sure exactly what happened here, but our best guess is that we were struck by what is known as a rogue wave. They are rare, they are unpredictable, and they are lethal, Now the good news. The instant this ship was struck, emergency GPS locater beacons were launched, so we are at most, several hours from rescue. [People start to panic; a few ask if the ship is sinking] Please, do yourselves a favor. Follow the directions of my officers, and stay calm. This room is a giant air bubble holding up the ship. Once these bulkhead doors are sealed, we will be safe from gas leaks, fire, and flooding. We will be saved.
View Quote You know, there's nothing fair about who lives and dies. You gave Elena a chance. You have everybody a chance.
View Quote [To Connor's mother] You know, normally what you get on these cruise ships is a desperate single woman hoping to meet a guy, and, uh- you sure don't fit the bill.