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Admiral Greer
Jack Ryan
Lt. Cmdr. Robby Jackson
Sean Miller

View Quote Admiral Greer: Excuse me, Jack, tell me one thing in life that is absolutely for certain.
Jack Ryan: My daughter's love.
View Quote Cathy Ryan: It was him, wasn't it? He's never gonna leave us alone.
Jack Ryan: He'll never get that close to us again, honey. That's why he calls in the middle of the night. It's all he can do.
Cathy Ryan: You get him, Jack. I don't care what you have to do. Just get him.
View Quote Jack Ryan: Hello?
Sean Miller: [on the phone] How's the family, Ryan? Nearly lost them, didn't you? It's easy to get at them. You should look after your family better, you know? Are you there?
Jack Ryan: Yeah.
Sean Miller: I understand your little girl's feeling better, eh? Lost her spleen though, eh? Pity, that. Make it a mighty tough on her to fight off infection. Eh, Jacky?
Jack Ryan: You sick son of a bitch! [Miller hangs up]
View Quote Jack Ryan: I want to know where Sean Miller and Kevin O'Donnell are.
Paddy O'Neil: [scoffs] Let me try and understand this. You want me to sell out my fellow Irishmen to you? I don't think you understand me at all.
Jack Ryan: Oh, I think I do.
Paddy O'Neil: Listen! I don't give a damn what they've done. But the day I sell out my own people is the day I'll put a bullet through my head.
Jack Ryan: That's it, then, huh?
Paddy O'Neil: That's it. You know, on second thought, maybe I won't have a drink with you.
Jack Ryan: Okay. I'll go home.
Paddy O'Neil: Have a nice trip.
Jack Ryan: I'll go home and call the TV stations, give them what they want! Let 'em take their cameras into my daughter's hospital room! Put it on the evening news! [gets in O'Neil's face] I don't give a shit whether you did it or not, and neither will anyone else. But I will put such a stranglehold on your gun money, you'll be out in the street throwing rocks! I will ****ing destroy you! I will make it my mission in life!
View Quote Jimmy O'Reardon: Ah, ye're not going to make me wear a rubber, are ye? Ye know, the church says wearing one of them's a sin, darlin'.
Annette: So's this, darlin'. [shoots Jimmy while he lies in bed]
View Quote Marty Cantor: [about Sean Miller] They were moving him to Albany Prison in the Isle of Wight while it happened. We think he's left the country.
Admiral Greer: Marty, excuse me. Let's deal in what we know and not what we don't. We know he's escaped. We know it happened in Kent near the Channel. If he's left the country... Jack, listening? The chances he'd come here, that he'd try, that he could come here are so remote, I have trouble even saying it.
Jack Ryan: And yet your first instinct was to come all the way here and tell me.
View Quote Marty Cantor: Jack, do you have any idea how big a deal it is to retask those satellites?
Jack Ryan: Yeah.
View Quote Robby Jackson: So, you just waded on in like John Wayne. Why'd you do it? What were you thinking, man?
Jack Ryan: I don't know. I wasn't thinking.
Robby Jackson: That's it? You sound like some of my students.
Jack Ryan: It just pissed me off. I couldn't just stand there and watch him shoot those people right in front of me. It was... rage. Pure rage... Just made me mad.
Robby Jackson: Here's hoping you never get mad at me, man.
View Quote Sean Miller: I saw his wife and daughter die, but she and Neddy blew it. Ryan's still alive.
Kevin O'Donnell: They're not dead, Sean.
Sean Miller: What?
Kevin O'Donnell: They survived it. I can't say it any plainer than that. It doesn't matter. Your trip served its purpose.
Sean Miller: It does matter!
View Quote [about Sally Ryan, who they are there to kill]
Miller's Driver: Kind of cute, isn't she?
Sean Miller: Is she?
View Quote [In the police van in Kent, en route to Albany Prison, Inspector Highland enters with two cups of coffee, and sits down with two other officers]
Inspector Highland: Hello, Sean. Don't mind if I come along, do ya? [chuckles as the prison convoy gets underway; all throughout, Miller is silent, staring] Although I disapprove of the things you've done, Sean, I can't quite bring meself to condemn ya. I can't, 'cause I understand where the hatred comes from. I more than understand it. But the present fact is we're very near now the darkest hole in all of Great Britain... and ya still won't speak to me.
[Miller remains silent; Highland scoffs and sits back, as the convoy reaches a raising bridge]
Officer on Radio: They're raising the bridge. We'll be here about five minutes.
First Officer: Understood.
[Suddenly, the van shakes as an RPG is fired into it, followed by several more explosions outside as the rest of the convoy is taken out; one of the officers tries to communicate with dispatch]
Second Officer: They've jammed the radio!
[Highland glares at Miller, who smirks back at him. IRA men led by Kevin O'Donnell approach the convoy; O'Donnell pounds on the door]
Kevin O'Donnell: Open the door! [Highland and the officers look to see O'Donnell with a hostage] Open it, or I'll kill him!
First Officer: The bridgekeeper!
Second Officer: What do we do?
Inspector Highland: [resignedly] We open the door.
First Officer: Oh, for Christ's sake, man, but --
Inspector Highland: But what? Wait until they kill him, and then open the door? [glares at Miller, then bangs his head against the side of the van in frustration before he opens the door]
Kevin O'Donnell: Your guns!
Inspector Highland: We are unarmed.
Second Officer: Just who the hell are you? [is promptly shot]
Kevin O'Donnell: Get them out! [the IRA men pull Highland and the other officer out and throw them to the ground, next to the bridgekeeper; O'Donnell opens Miller's cell, embracing him] Think we'd forgot about you, did ya? [undoes Miller's cuffs, and both men step out]
Sean Miller: Inspector Robert Highland... this is a friend of mine.
Kevin O'Donnell: [puts his gun to Highland's head] We meet at last, Mr. Highland. Tell me, what did they pay you to turn against your own people, eh?
Inspector Highland: Get on with it, and be on your way.
Kevin O'Donnell: Very well. If that's the way ya feel about it...
[O'Donnell aims... then looks over at Miller, before handing him the pistol. Miller then shoots Highland, the other officer, and the bridgekeeper dead]
View Quote [about Paddy O'Neil and the pictures he provided to Jack]
Marty Cantor: You tell O'Neil that you're looking for a girl, he gives you the pictures of a girl. He obliges you to get you off his back. And you believe him?
Jack Ryan: I didn't tell him I was looking for a girl, Marty.
View Quote [showing Marty some pictures of the woman they're after, provided by Paddy O'Neil] Paddy O'Neill can sleep at night. In fact, he probably enjoys the irony. She's not Irish; she's English.
View Quote [to Ryan] Bloody proud of yourself, aren't you? You stuck your nose in where it didn't belong. And now you've killed my baby brother.
View Quote Attention to orders. I have a presentation to make. For service above and beyond the call of duty of a tourist, or even a Marine, we recognize Professor John Patrick Ryan, with the Order of the Purple Target. [he hangs a medal around Jack's neck in the shape of a bulls-eye, with the words "SHOOT ME" on it] And hope that he will duck next time, lest he become part of history, rather than a teacher of it.