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Package, The (1989)

Package, The (1989) quotes

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Sgt. Johnny Gallagher

View Quote Col. Glen Whitacre: There hasn't been a world war in over forty years, Sergeant! You ever wonder why? Because of nuclear weapons. We want them, the Soviets want them.
View Quote Eileen Gallagher: How do you know...?
Sgt. Johnny Gallagher: God damn it, I don't know! These people can be anybody they want to be! It scares the piss out of me!
View Quote Eileen Gallagher: Why would someone want to take the place of a guy going to prison?
Marth: He gets into the country without a passport. He's here, nobody knows he's here.
View Quote Sgt. Johnny Gallagher: I know it's asking a hell of a lot...
Lt. Milan Delich: Sure is.
Sgt. Johnny Gallagher: I understand if you don't want to help...
Lt. Milan Delich: No, I-I didn't say that. But I've got eighteen years invested here, and you come walking up out of my past, like saying that the one year we spent in country is all that counts... and I agree with you. [chuckles] And that's, like, some kind of weird shit.
Sgt. Johnny Gallagher: Thanks.
View Quote Sgt. Johnny Gallagher: I think you're going to prison, Walter.
Thomas Boyette: You don't know where I'm going.
View Quote Soviet Colonel: [speaks in Russian, then switches to English] What's now?
Col. Glen Whitacre: [driver pulls over and stops car] Why are we stopping, Sergeant?
MP: Sorry sir, just checking the map. [produces pistol and shoots both passengers dead]
View Quote [to Col. Whitacre] You and I, we're in separate armies, pal - but you're out in the light now, and I'm gonna see you get stepped on!
View Quote I lost my package, a prisoner I was bringing back from Germany.
View Quote Terrorists sir? They were pretty well organized. It was like a military operation.
View Quote Who is Walter Henke?
View Quote Who the hell knows what is the truth and what is a lie?
View Quote Why would he want to smuggle himself in?