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One Hundred and One Dalmatians

One Hundred and One Dalmatians quotes

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Cruella De Vil

View Quote Danny the Great Dane: The humans have tried everything. Now it's up to us dogs, and the twilight bark!
View Quote Roger: Oh! Must be Cruella, your dearly devoted old school mate. Cruella De Vil. That's it!
View Quote Truck Driver: [after he sees Cruella driving like a maniac] Hey, lady, what in thunder you trying to do?! Crazy woman driver...!
View Quote Cruella: [bursts through the door] Anita, darling!
Anita: How are you?
Cruella: [gleefully] Miserable, darling, as usual. Perfectly wretched!
View Quote Cruella: When can the puppies leave their mother? Two weeks? Three weeks?
Roger: Never.
Cruella: What?
Roger: [nervously, but firmly stands his ground] We're not selling the puppies. Not a single one. Do you understand?
Cruella: Anita, is he serious? I really don't know Roger.
Anita: Well, Cruella, he seems...
Cruella: Surely he must be joking!
Roger: [more firmly] No, no, no, I mean it. You're not getting one. Not one! And that's final.
[Pongo nods at Cruella in agreement]
Cruella: Why, you horrid man! You... you... All right. Keep the little beasts for all I care. [rips up the check] Do as you like with them. Drown them! [throws the pieces of ripped check paper at Roger] But I warn you, Anita, we're through. I'm through with all of you! I'll get even. Just wait. You'll be sorry. You fools! You... YOU IDIOTS! [she slams the door and Pongo barks loudly at her as she drives away]
View Quote Nanny: Now, who do you suppose...? [answers the door]
Jasper: Good evening, ma'am. We're here to inspect the wiring and the switches.
Horace: And we're from the gas company.
Jasper: [prods Horace] Lectric, lectric.
Horace: Oh. Electric company!
Nanny: Oh, but we didn't call for any inspection.
Jasper: Oh yes, I know. See, there's a new Act just passed in Parliament. Comes under the heading of the "Defence of the Realm Act": Article Four, Section 29. Very important - it's the law! And it's for your own safety, ma'am.
Nanny: Well, I don't care what Parliament, Realm or whatever it is says. You're not coming in here, not with the Mister and the Missus gone.
Jasper: Oh, now. Come off it, Ducky. We got no time to palaver. We got a job to do. EXCUSE ME! [storms through the door]
Nanny: What's the matter with you two?! You got cloth ears? I said you're not coming in here! [falls on her bottom]
Jasper: Ho, ho, ho! She's a regular old totter, ain't she, Horace? [laughs mockingly, then heads upstairs]
Nanny: [chasing Jasper] Don't you dare go up there, you big long-legged lummox! Now I mean it! If you don't get out of this house, I'll call the police, I will. Now be off with you, you big... you big weasel!
Jasper: Now you've been gone and done it. You've cut me to the quick, lady. Why, I wouldn't stay here if you asked me to. [Nanny throws a teapot at Jasper, but it misses and breaks] Not even for a cup of tea! [calling down for Horace while trapping Nanny in the attic] Oi! Horace, me lad! I've got a sneaky suspicion we're not welcome here! [we see Horace downstairs with a bag, heading for the puppies in the kitchen] Pack up, we're leaving! Sharp's the word, and quick's the action.
View Quote Pongo: Perdy, I've got an idea! [rolls around in soot]
Perdita: Pongo, what on Earth...?
Pongo: Look! I'm a Labrador! We'll all roll in the soot! We'll all be Labradors!
Labrador: Say! That is an idea!
Pongo: Come on, kids! Roll in the soot!
Penny: You mean you want us to get dirty?
Pepper: Did you hear that, Freckles? Dad wants us to get dirty.
Cadpig: Mother, should we?
Perdita: [sighs] Do as your father says.
Pepper: This'll be fun!
Cadpig: I always wanted to get good and dirty! [They all giggle while rolling in the soot]
View Quote Pongo: Perdy... I'm afraid it's all up to us.
Perdita: Oh, Pongo. Isn't there any hope?
Pongo: Well, yes. There's the twilight bark.
Perdita: The twilight bark? But dear, that's only a gossip chain.
Pongo: Darling, it's the very fastest way to send news. And if our puppies are anywhere in the city, the London dogs will know. Now we'll send the word tonight when our pets take us for a walk in the park.
View Quote Roger: [after counting the puppies] 101!'
Anita: 101? My, where did they all come from?
Roger: Oh-ho, Pongo, you ol' rascal!
View Quote (Barking in the distance)
Colonel: Sounds like a number. Three fives are 13.
Sgt. Tibbs: Um, ah, that's 15, sir.
Colonel: 15? Of course 15!
(More barking)
Colonel: Yes, dot, spot, spot, spotted puddings... poodles... No, no, puddles!
Captain: Puddles, sir?
Colonel: 15 spotted puddles stolen, oh, balderdash!
Sgt. Tibbs: Better double-check it, Colonel.
Colonel: Hmm? Oh, yes, yes, I suppose I better.
(The Colonel barks, then barking in the distance in response)
Colonel: Two woofs, one yip and a woof.
Sgt. Tibbs: It sounds like puppies, sir.
Colonel: Of course, puppies!
View Quote [An angry Cruella catches Jasper and Horace watching television]
Cruella: I've got no time to argue. I tell you it's got to be done tonight. [switches off the TV] Do you understand? Tonight!
Horace: But they ain't big enough.
Jasper: You couldn't get half a dozen coats out of the whole kaboodle.
Tibbs: [spying] Coats?! Dog-skin coats?
Cruella: [breathes smoke at Jasper's face, and he coughs] Then we'll settle for half a dozen! We can't wait. The police are everywhere! I want the job done tonight!
Horace: How are we gonna do it?
Cruella: Any way you like: Poison them, drown them, bash them in the head. You got any chloroform?
Jasper: Not a drop.
Horace: And no ether... either.
Jasper: [bonks Horace on the head with his wine-bottle] "Eye-ther"!
Cruella: I don't care how you kill the little beasts, but DO IT! AND DO IT NOW!
Jasper: Aw, please, miss. Now have pity, will ya? Can't we see the rest of the show first?
Horace: We want to see "What's My Crime?"
[Jasper starts to drink from his bottle, but Cruella snatches it and throws it into the fireplace, where the ignited alcohol causes an explosion. The frightened puppies hide behind the furniture, and Cruella slaps both Jasper and Horace in the face.]
Cruella: Now listen, you idiots! I'll be back first thing in the morning. And the job better be done or I'll... I'll... I'll call the police! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!
[She slams the door behind her, causing a chunk of the ceiling to come loose and fall on Horace's head.]
Horace: I think she means it, Jasper.
Jasper: Ah... we'll get on with it as soon as the show's over. [switches the TV back on]
View Quote [As Roger and Anita take Pongo and Perdita for a walk]
Jasper: There they go, Horace, me lad. Out for their evening constitutional. A lovely pair of turtledoves. Around the jolly corner, and off to the park.
Horace: Yeah, but I don't like it, Jasper. One more pinch and they'll throw the keys away.
Jasper: Ah, come off it, Horace. We're getting plenty of boodle!
Horace: Yes, but, uhm, I've been thinking--
Jasper: [grabs him angrily] YOU'VE BEEN THINKING?! Now, look 'ere, Horace, I warned you about thinking! I've got the knob for this job, so let's get on with it.
View Quote [Cruella sees footprints on both sides of the snow]
Cruella: Well, now, what have we here? So they thought they can outwit Cruella.
[She laughs, then honks her car horn four times]
Cruella: Jasper! Horace!
[Honks her horn again as Jasper and Horace arrive and pull over next to Cruella's car]
Cruella: Here's their tracks heading straight for the village.
Jasper: Blimey! Oh, it's them, alright.
Cruella: Work your way through the south roads. I'll take the main road. See you in Dinsford!
[Cruella, Jasper and Horace split up into two different roads to Dinsford]
View Quote [Jasper calls Cruella on the phone]
Cruella: Hello? Jasper! Jasper, you idiot! How dare you call here!
Jasper: But we don't want no more of this 'ere. We want our boodle. [as Horace tries to get his attention] We'll settle for half!
Cruella: Not one schilling till the job's done.
Horace: Jasper! [shows him the morning newspaper]
Cruella: Understand?
Horace: Jasper!
Jasper: It's here in the blinkin' paper, pictures and all!
Cruella: Hang the papers! It'll be forgotten tomorrow.
Horace: I don't like it, Jasper. I don't--
Jasper: Ah, shaddup, you idiot!
Cruella: WHAT?!
Jasper: Oh. Oh, no. Not you, miss. I mean Horace here!
Cruella: Why, you imbecile! [slams down the phone]