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Buddy Love: Ok, fat jokes! You wanna do fat jokes? Alright! Your mother's so fat, the bitch needs Thomas Guide to find her asshole! Alright! Wait, wait, wait, your mother's so fat, after sex I roll over twice, and I'm still on the bitch! Your mother is so fat, she fell in the Grand Canyon and got stuck! Reggie's mother's so fat, that the bitch gets her toenails painted at Earl Scheib! Earl Scheib! At Earl Scheib! HAHAHAHAHAHA! [walks onto the stage, still laughing hysterically]
Reggie Warrington: Hey, hey, get off the stage, man! You ain't in show business.
Buddy Love: Reggie's mama is so fat, her blood type is Rocky Road! His mother is so fat, her belt size is Equator. Get it, equator. Let's give a big round of applause for Reggie's mama's ass, that brought us so much joy tonight. That's a big ass!
Reggie Warrington: ENOUGH! SILENCE! I can't take this shit no more! Now you done talked about me enough, boy! I tried to be peaceful, but now it's time for Reggie to "Karatacize" your ass!
Buddy Love: Whooooo!
Reggie Warrington: Aw yeah.
[Reggie takes off hat, revealing his ridiculous-looking hair, and Buddy and the audience start laughing.]
Buddy Love: Oh, Reggie! I've heard of "Dreadlocks", but "Shitlocks?!" That's not your hair! Take that pile of shit off your head, man! You’re craz- you just go too far with the comedy!
Reggie Warrington: [karate yells] Come on! Come on!
Buddy Love: What’s that?
Reggie Warrington: Aw yeah, that’s my style boy, you didn’t know Reggie studied.
Buddy Love: What style is that?
Reggie Warrington: It’s called "kick your ass style", boy!
Buddy Love: Oh shit.
Reggie Warrington: Reggie done studied on the streets!
[Reggie tries to kick Buddy, but Buddy grabs his foot, and flips him over. Buddy laughs hysterically, Reggie glowers, and turns back around]
Reggie Warrington: Aw, you quick, but I’m quicker. Watch my feet.
Buddy Love: Well come on with it.
Reggie Warrington: Imma come on with it, Imma come on with it, Imma co-[karate yells again]
[Reggie tries to punch him, but Buddy grabs his arm, twists it, and bangs his head on the edge of the piano. He and Buddy sit at the piano.]
Buddy Love: Ladies and gentlemen, me and Reggie wanna send one out to a very special lady in the house tonight! [to Carla Purdy] Loving you, is easy ‘cause you're beautiful! Do-do-do-do-do! Reggie?
[Buddy cracks Reggie's hand]
Reggie Warrington: AAAAAUUUUUUUGGGHHHHHH... leggo.
Buddy Love: That was pretty! Ladies and gentlemen, Reggie has left the building! Thank you, and good night!
[Buddy throws Reggie into the piano.]

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