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Norbit: Psst! Psst! Psst! Hey! Hey! Over here!
[Kate walks over to Norbit]
Kate: I need to talk to you. Do you know what was in those papers, you had me sign last night?
Norbit: Yeah, the construction permits.
Kate: No, that's not all.
[Norbit hears Rasputia's giant footsteps, walking over to the window]
Kate: Norbit.
Norbit: I I I I-- just-- just-- just go away, Kate! Get outta here!
Kate: What?!
[Norbit looks at the melted potato art of Kate, then looks back at Kate]
Norbit: Ya heard what I said! Just get outta here! Scram!
Kate: The Latimores are trying to take control of the orphanage, Norbit!
Norbit: Well wh-- why don't you go and-- and find somebody, who-- who gives a rat's ass?! Because I d-- I I I sure as hell don't!
Kate: Y y-- you don't care?
Norbit: No I-- I don't care, b and d-- [looks at the ceiling] --And I don't care about you either!
Kate: [heartbroken] Norbit!
Norbit: The only woman that I have e e ever ever loved, and ever cared about was my darling... wife, Rasputia! [shakes his head, mad]
Kate: B b bu-- but last night--
Norbit: Last night I was ju-- I was just tryin' to nail ya! You know, score?! But now I realize I don't have to do that! All I need is my beautiful, precious wife... RASPUTIA!
[Rasputia shakes her head and smiles in satisfation]
Norbit: She is all the woman *I* need! So you can just go on and get outta here! You screwy dame! Who needs ya?!

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