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Nine to Five

Nine to Five quotes

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View Quote (On the phone): Oh, come on kids. Come on, no fighting. Believe me, there is more than one peanut butter and banana sandwich in the world, what did I say this morning? you, I don't wanna talk to the dog, bye bye...
View Quote (To a hospital tea-lady): "I'm a doctor! So why the hell am I talking to you? Piss off!
View Quote Dick (to Judy after seeing Hart tied up): So, that's what you're into now. Bondage. Judy: What's that? Dick: Bondage, S&M, sex games. Judy (thinking fast): That's right. All of it. I'm into everything now get out of here. Dick: I can't believe it! Who is that guy anyway? Judy: He's my boss. Dick: Your boss. You're having an affair with your boss! Isn't that typical?! Judy: Just like you had an affair with your secretary! Dick: But Judy, this isn't you. You can't be serious. Judy: Don't you tell me what I can and can't do! Those days are over! And if I want to have an affair or play sex games or do M&M's, you can't stop me!
View Quote Doralee: Is that one of them marijuana cigarettes?Violet: Ssshhh, we don't have enough for everybody, cool it!
View Quote Eddie (to Judy, on her first day of work): Lady, you're gonna hate it here!
View Quote Hart: But why? Why?Violet: Why do you think?Hart: Because I'm a sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot?Violet (grinning): Bingo!
View Quote Hospital Cleaning Woman (discovers a dead corpse sitting in a wheelchair in a gentleman's restroom): Hey, Vera! We've got another stiff in the john.
View Quote Judy: "Oh, this is awful. It's so improper. It's so disrepectful!Violet: He's dead, he doesn't mind!
View Quote Judy: "We've got to do something!Margaret: Sure, let's all revolt.
View Quote Judy: Does Violet know about this?Margaret: Not yet, she's down at Charlie's getting drunk!Judy: Well, I'm gonna tell her, this is a disgrace!Margaret: Atta girl!
View Quote Judy: Where's the body? Violet: In the trunk! Look, all we have to do is get some cement blocks, chain them to his feet and pitch him off the end of the pier and no one will ever know.Doralee: You are crazy! They'll find it, they always find it!Violet: Oh-hoh, crazy am I? They never found Jimmy Hoffa!
View Quote Margaret: Violet! Where're you going?Violet: I'm gonna get drunk!Margaret: Atta girl!
View Quote Maria: "Jo's leaving. They won't let her work part time.Margaret: Of course they won't. It would make things too convenient.
View Quote Roz: Oh, Violet, I haven't heard from you. Did you get my memo?Violet: I did, Roz; I tore it right up and threw it away...I mean, I tore right through it.
View Quote Roz: Where are you going?Doralee: I need a drink, Roz! I'm taking the rest of the day off.Margaret: Atta girl!