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National Treasure: Book of Secrets

National Treasure: Book of Secrets quotes

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View Quote Abigail: Riley, come out here.
Riley: What? [laughs] Heeeey! What are you doing here? I mean it's your house but, hey! I sent you a copy of my book, did you get a chance to rea--
Abigail: No, I haven't read it yet.
Riley: [looks at Abigail's date] I know you! You're the White House curator! I'm Riley, we met at the uh white house thing...
Connor: Oh yeah, you're Ben's assistant.
Riley: What? Did he- [looks at Ben, then shuts up]
View Quote Abigail: See that?
Ben: Now that's quite something, right there.
Riley: Yeah, it says... "smudge.." It's nothing, come on guys..
View Quote Abigail: What is it?
Ben: Appears to be a counterweight to hold the door open.
Riley: What's that sound?
Abigail: Fascinating.
Riley: [touches counterweight] Ah, oh, ah! [counterweight falls apart, closing and locking the door] Sorry.
View Quote Ben Gates: Where's the Ferrari?
Riley: IRS impounded it.
Ben Gates: The IRS?
Riley: Funny story. My accountant set up a "corporation" [winks] on an island that "didn't exist" and assured me "that's how rich people do it". Then I got audited and slapped with a Huge fine... Plus interest! ...Wanna know what taxes are on five million dollars? Six million dollars. But enough about me. What's new with you
Ben Gates: Well, my girlfriend kicked me out, I'm living with my dad, and my family killed president Lincoln.
Riley: [smiles sarcastically] All right.
Ben Gates: I need your help.
View Quote Ben: [asking Riley] How fast can we get to London from here?
Riley: I don't know. [refers to the French policeman standing there] Why don't you ask your new best friend?
French Policeman: [indicating his partner] He's calling you a cab.
Ben: Merci beaucoup.
View Quote Ben: [he, Riley and Abigail approach a Mercedes-Benz C280, as they elude Wilkinson] He's the one who's after the treasure!
Riley: Okay, I'll drive. [they get in the car; but since the car's front seats are right-hand drive positioned, Riley ends up in the passenger seat]
Ben: [as he is in the driver's seat] We're in England.
View Quote Ben: Because you're the President of the United States sir. Whether by innate character, or the oath you took to defend the Constitution, or the weight of history that falls upon you, I believe you to be the honorable man, sir.
President: Gates. People don't believe in that stuff anymore.
Ben: They want to believe it.
View Quote Ben: Calm down. I sent a picture of the plank to your cell phone.
Patrick: You can do that?
View Quote Ben: Hack in to the London Police database and get a copy of the picture from that traffic cam.
Riley: Okey-dokey!
Ben: Can't do it?
Riley: I can do it, I just don't like you to ASSUME that I can do it.
Abigail: [laughs sarcastically and rolls eyes] Why thank you, Riley.
View Quote Ben: I'm not sure what this is.
Patrick: So what do we do now?
Riley: Did none of you read my book? The eagle clutching a scroll? Why did nobody read my book-
Ben: You know what it means?
Riley: Yes... But it's not something that I can tell you. It's something I have to show you... in my book. [smirks] [Ben opens the package containing Riley's book] You didn't even open it?
Ben: I was moving.
Riley: Chapter 13.
Ben: "The President's Secret Book"?
Riley: It happens to be a collection of do****ents for Presidents, by Presidents, and for presidents' eyes only. I'm not just talking about the JFK assasination here, guys. The 18 and a half missing minutes of the Watergate tapes. Did the Apollo really land on the moon? And the coup de gras..... Area 51.
Abigail: C'mon Riley, that's a myth.
Riley: Is it, Abigail? IS IT?
Abigail: This is totally--
Riley: Crazy?
Abigail: [sigh] Yeah.
Riley: Well the last time I checked, we pretty much make our livings from crazy.
Ben: He's got a point.
View Quote Ben: It's the key code. The debt that all men pay is DEATH.
Riley: Okay. L-A-B-O-U-L... lab-oo? Lah-bull? It's gibberish.
Ben: Laboulaye.
Patrick: Laboulaye.
Riley: Ah, Laboulaye! [smiles, then stops] What is that?
View Quote Ben: These twins stand resolute. Let's see... resolute twins. Resolute, and then twins. Siamese twins, Siam, trade routes between France and Thailand... that's ridiculous. HMS Resolute, a British ship that got lost in the Arctic in the 1800s, it was salvaged by American whalers then Congress sent it back to England where the ship finally retired. Queen Victoria had two desks made from its timbers. Voila... resolute twins.
View Quote Ben:[Trying to preserve the writing on the plank for later study] Does this phone have a camera?
Abigail: No, no it's broken
Ben: [tosses phone into backseat] Alright, give me the plank. [Abigail gives Ben the plank] Hang on. We're gonna run a red light.
View Quote French Policeman: Nice helicopter. Is that it yours?
Riley: Sure is.
French Policeman: Okay, so you can get the ticket.
Riley: [laughs sarcastically] Great.
View Quote Girl in Bookstore: Are you Ben Gates?
Riley: [acting cool] Yes. Yes I am.
Girl in bookstore: Do you own a red Ferrari?
Riley: [continuing to act cool] Well, yes I do.
Girl in bookstore: Well, it's being towed.
Riley: [laughs, then jumps up and runs outside] Wait.....Wait That's my car!