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Interviewer: These children are going to the most glamorus of all summer camps: Camp Mohawk. There's a two year waiting list and every child has to be voted in. On top of that it costs $1,000 a week to to go to Camp Mohawk. The question is, is it worth a $1,000 a week.
Tripper: It sure is. It's the best darn camp there is.
Interviewer: Well, are you connected with Camp Mohawk?
Tripper: Well, I think so, I'm the program dircetor; Jerry Aldini
Interviewer: Well, how do you justify a $1,000 a week.
Tripper: Well, we have some special programs. Uh, we're doing Shakespear in the Round again this year, of course. Uh, our political roundtable, Henry Kissinger will appear. Asser Arafat is gonna come out, spend a weekend with the kids. Just rap with them.
Interviewer That's amazing!
Tripper: And the kids wanted animals. So this year, each camper will stalk and kill his own bear in our private wildlife preserve.
Interviewer: Are you sure the children can, uh, can hack that?
Tripper: We'll see. But, the real excitement, of course, is gonna come at the end of the summer, uh, during Sexual Awareness Week. We import 200 hookers from around the world, and each camper, armed with only a thermos of coffee and $2,000 cash, tries to visit as many countries as he can and the winner, of course, is named King of Sexual Awareness Week and is allowed to rape and pillage the neighboring towns until camp ends.
Interviewer That's incredible.
Tripper: What'd you expect for $1,000 a week. Hey, you have a good summer too, huh.

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