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The Maze Runner

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Dr. Ava Paige

View Quote "She's the last one ever." What the hell does that mean?
View Quote [Alby is showing Thomas around the Glade.]
Alby: We eat here. We sleep here. We grow our own food. We build our own shelter. Whatever we need, the Box provides. The rest is up to us.
Thomas: The Box?
[Thomas and Alby turn to look to the Box.]
Alby: Yeah. They send them once a month with fresh supplies and a new Greenie. This month, that's you. Congratulations.
Thomas: Sent up by who, though? Who put us here?
Alby: That we don't know.
Newt: [Approaches Thomas and Alby] Hey, you alright, Alby?
Alby: Greenbean, meet Newt.
[Thomas and Newt shake hands.]
Alby: When I'm not around, he's in charge.
Newt: Well, it's a good thing you're always around then. Listen, that was some dash you made earlier. You know, for a second, I thought you had the chops to be a Runner, till you face-planted. That's great.
Thomas: Wait, a Runner?
Alby: Newt, do me a favor. Go find Chuck.
Newt: Alright.
Alby: Thanks.
[As Newt walks off, Alby continues showing Thomas around the Glade.]
Alby: Look, I'm sorry to rush this. You came up a little late, and there's a lot to do. We got something special planned tonight. Yeah, you'll see.
[Thomas and Alby arrive at the tower.]
Alby: [Approaches a ladder] Hope you're not afraid of heights. [Climbs up the ladder] Let's go. Come on.
[As Alby climbs up the ladder, Thomas looks at the top of the tower. At the top of the tower, Thomas and Alby look out over the Glade.]
Alby: This is all we got. We've worked hard for it. If you respect this place, you and I will get along just fine.
Thomas: What's out there? [Points to the Maze]
Alby: We only have three rules: First, do your part. No time for any freeloaders. Second, never harm another Glader. None of this works unless we have trust. Most importantly, never go beyond those walls. Do you understand me, Greenie?
[As Thomas looks at Alby, Chuck arrives at the tower.]
Chuck: Hey, Alby!
Thomas and Alby look over a railing and see Chuck waving up to them.]
Alby: Hey, Chuck. Where you been, man?
View Quote [As Gally crosses Alby's name out, three boys take Thomas and Teresa to the poles. Two boys drop Thomas down to the ground. Gally approaches Thomas.]
Gally: This is such a waste.
Winston: Gally. [Gally turns to him and Jeff] It doesn't feel right, man.
Jeff: Yeah, what if Thomas is right? Maybe he can lead us home.
Gally: [Steps towards Winston and Jeff] We are home, okay? I don't want to have to cross anymore names off that wall.
Teresa: [While being held by a boy] You really think banishing us is going to solve anything?
Gally: No, but this isn't a banishing, it's an offering.
[A boy pulls Teresa to a pole and starts tying her arms.]
Teresa: What? Wait! Gally, what are you doing?
Gally: You really think I'm gonna let Thomas back into the Maze after what he's done? Look around you! Look at our Glade!
[Newt and Minho look at each other. Chuck, wearing bags and holding a spear, looks on.]
Gally: This is the only way. And when the Grievers get what they came here for, everything goes back to the way it was.
Teresa: Are you listening to this? Why are you all just standing there? He's crazy!
Gally: You shut up.
Teresa: If you stay here, the Grievers are going to come back. They're gonna come back, and they're gonna keep coming back until you're all dead!
Gally: Shut up! [To two boys] Tie him up! Do you hear me? I said tie him up!
[As two boys start to get Thomas up, he elbows the boy in the stomach and grabs the spear from him and uses it to knock another boy down to the ground. Newt draws a machete and uses it to hit the boy in the back of his head. Teresa kicks the boy in the groin. Gally takes his machete out of his holster and tries to stop Thomas, Teresa, and Newt, but Minho places a machete on his right shoulder. As Thomas aims a spear at Gally, Frypan cuts Teresa free from the pole. Newt, Minho, Frypan, and Chuck join Thomas and Teresa. Frypan gives a machete to Teresa, who takes it.]
Gally: [Shrugs] You're full of surprises, aren't you?
Thomas: You don't have to come with us, but we are leaving. Anyone else who wants to come, now's your last chance.
Gally: [To some boys] Don't listen to him, he's just trying to scare you, alright?
Thomas: No, I'm not trying to scare you, you're already scared. [Gally turns to him] Alright, I'm scared. But I'd rather risk my life out there than spending the rest of it in here. We don't belong here. Okay, this place isn't our home. We were put here, okay? We were trapped here. At least out there, we have a choice. We can make it outta here. I know that.
[Winston walks to Thomas, Teresa, Newt, Minho, and Frypan, with Jeff following suit.]
Jeff: [To Gally] I'm sorry. [Walks to Thomas, Teresa, Newt, Minho, Frypan, and Winston]
[A group of boys walk to Thomas, Teresa, Newt, Minho, Frypan, Winston, and Jeff. Gally turns to another group of boys.]
Thomas: Gally, it's over. Just come with us.
Gally: Good luck against the Grievers.
[As Teresa, Newt, Minho, Frypan, Winston, Jeff, and a group of boys run out of the Maze. Thomas looks at Gally and another group of boys, before following Teresa, Newt, Minho, Frypan, Winston, Jeff, and a group of boys out of the Maze, with Gally and another group of boys watching on.]
View Quote [At night, the Gladers throw flamming spears at the base of a large wooden statue. The flamming spears set the statue on fire. The Gladers celebrate. A boy does a series of acrobatic flips. Gally sits with some boys. The Gladers raise their drinks in a toast. Thomas and Newt sit facing the closed door of the Maze.]
Newt: Hell of a first day, Greenie. Here. [Gives the drink to Thomas] Put some hair on your chest.
Thomas: [Takes the drink from Newt and drinks from it, but spits it out] Oh, my god! What is that? [Gives the drink back to Newt]
Newt: [Takes the drink back from Thomas] I don't even know. It's Gally's recipe. It's a trade secret.
[Thomas and Newt turn around and see Gally wrestling a boy.]
Thomas: Yeah, well, he's still an asshole.
Newt: He saved your life today. Trust me, the Maze is a dangerous place.
Thomas: We're trapped here, aren't we?
Newt: For the moment. But– [Turns around and points to Minho and the Runners] –you see those guys? There, by the fire? Those are the Runners. And that guy in the middle there, that's Minho, he's the Keeper of the Runners. Now every morning, when those doors open, they run the Maze. Mapping it. Memorizing it. Trying to find a way out.
Thomas: How long have they been looking?
Newt: Three years.
Thomas: And they haven't found anything?
Newt: It's a lot easier said than done. Listen.
[Thomas and Newt hearing a noise coming from the Maze.]
Newt: You hear that? That's the Maze, changing. It changes every night.
Thomas: How is that even possible?
Newt: You can ask the people that put us in here if you ever meet the bas****. Listen, the truth is, the Runners are the only ones that really know what's out there. They're the strongest and the fastest of us all, and it's a good thing, too, because if they don't make it back before those doors close, then they're stuck out there for the night. And no one's ever survived a night in the Maze.
Thomas: What happens to them?
Newt: Well, we call them Grievers. Of course, no one's ever seen one and lived to tell about it. But they're out there. Right, well, that's enough questions for one night. Come on. You're supposed to be the guest of honor.
Thomas: Oh, well, no, no–
Newt: No! No, no, come on.
[Newt gets up and gets Thomas up. As Gally throws a boy down to the ground, Thomas and Newt walk around the bonfire.]
Newt: [Points to the Builders] Over there, we got the Builders. They're very good with their hands, but they're not a lot going on upstairs. [Points to Winston and the Slicers] And we got Winston, he's the Keeper of the Slicers. [Points to Jeff and Clint] And we got two Med-jacks, Clint and Jeff. [Jeff and Clint pass by him] They spend most of their time bandaging up the Slicers.
[Thomas and Newt stop walking and look at each other.]
Thomas: What if I wanna be a Runner?
Newt: Have you listened to a word I've just said? No one wants to be a Runner. And besides, you gotta get chosen.
Thomas: Get chosen by who?
View Quote [Chuck is setting up a hammock for Thomas.]
Chuck: It's basically the same story for all of us. We wake up in the Box, Alby gives us the tour. then here we are. Don't worry. You're already doing better than I did. I clunked my pants three times before they got me out of the Pit– [Turns around to find that Thomas is gone, and then sees him walking towards the Maze] Oh, come on!
[Chuck runs after Thomas.]
Chuck: [Catches up to Thomas] Dude, where are you going?
Thomas: I just wanna see.
[Thomas and Chuck walk towards the Maze.]
Chuck: You can look around all you want, but you better not go out there.
Thomas: Why not? What's through there?
Chuck: I don't know. I just know what I'm told. And we're not supposed to leave.
[Thomas and Chuck see Minho and Ben running out of the Maze. Minho and Ben run past Thomas and Chuck.]
Ben: Hey, Chuck. New Greenie, huh? How does it feel to be promoted?
Chuck: Feels great, Ben.
Thomas: I thought no one was allowed to leave.
Chuck: I said we're not allowed to leave. They're different. They're Runners. They know more about the Maze than anyone.
Thomas: Wait, what?
Chuck: What?
Thomas: What? You just said "maze."
Chuck: I did?
Thomas: Yeah.
[Thomas approaches the entrance of the Maze.]
Chuck: [Tries to stop Thomas from going into the Maze] Where are you going? What are you doing?
Thomas: I'm just gonna take a look.
Chuck: I told you, you can't. No one leaves, especially not now. It's not safe.
Thomas: Okay, alright, I'm not gonna go. [Starts to walk into the Maze]
View Quote [Gally comes striding out of the smoke as the Gladers' gardens burn after a mass-attack by the Grievers, the first time they have openly attacked the Glade at night. Alby was taken in the attack and many others are missing.]
Thomas: Gally–
[Gally punches Thomas in the face hard, knocking him down to the ground and causing shouts of protest to break out.]
Gally: This is all you, Thomas! Huh? Look around!
[Several Gladers restrain Gally and start pulling him away.]
Minho: Back off, Gally! It's not Thomas's fault!
Gally: You heard what Alby said! He's one of them!
Newt: One of who?!
Gally: He's one of them, and they sent him here, to destroy everything, AND NOW HE HAS! Look around, Thomas! Look around! This is your fault! He's one of them, and they sent him here to destroy everything that we've built!
[Gally continues to fight the boys holding onto him, shouting furiously at Thomas, but the Gladers manage to move him farther away.]
Thomas: What if he's right?
Teresa: Thomas?
Thomas: I need to remember, Teresa.
[Before anyone nearby can stop him, Thomas rams the Griever stinger he is holding into his thigh. The venom makes him collapse almost instantly.]
Teresa: Chuck, get the other syringe!
View Quote [Gally throws a boy at Thomas' back, almost knocking him over. Thomas faces Gally.]
Gally: What do you say, Greenie? Wanna see what you're made of?
[As Jeff and the Gladers chant "Greenie! Greenie!", the Gladers gather around Thomas and Gally, with Minho watching on.]
Gally: Okay. Alright. The rules are simple, Greenie. I try to push you out of the circle, you try and last more than five seconds. Ready?
[Gally shoves Thomas into Zart and three boys. Zart and the three boys push Thomas off them and Gally throws Thomas down to the ground.]
Gally: Come on, Greenie. We're not done yet.
Thomas: [Gets up] Stop calling me Greenie.
Gally: Stop calling you that? What do you wanna be called? Shank? What do you think, boys? Does he look like a Shank?
[Thomas charges at Gally, but Gally grabs his shoulders. Thomas and Gally grapple, and Gally throws Thomas down to the ground.]
Gally: You know what? I think I've settled on Shank.
[Thomas barrels into Gally's midsection, but Gally drives him back. Thomas throws Gally down to the ground.]
Thomas: Not bad for a Greenie, huh?
[Gally kicks Thomas' leg, knocking him down to the ground. Thomas lifts his head and remembers something.]
Thomas: Thomas. [Gets up] Thomas. Hey! Thomas! I remember my name! I'm Thomas!
[The Gladers cheer and gather around Thomas. Frypan approaches Thomas and gives a drink to him. Thomas takes it.]
Frypan: Welcome home, Thomas.
[Thomas drinks from the drink Frypan gave him. As the Gladers continue cheering, Gally approaches Thomas.]
Gally: Good job, Thomas.
[Thomas and Gally shake hands before they and the Gladers hear a Griever roaring in the Maze and turn to the entrance of the Maze.]
Thomas: What the hell was that?
Gally: That, my friend, was a Griever. Don't worry. You're safe here with us. Nothing gets through those walls.
[As Gally walks off, Alby turns to the Gladers.]
Alby: Alright, guys. Let's tuck it in for the night. Come on. It was a good night.
[As the Gladers walk off, Thomas and Frypan shake hands, then Frypan walks off. As Frypan walks off, Thomas looks towards the Maze.]
View Quote [In the Council Hall, Newt is looking at a cylinder that Thomas, Minho, Frypan, Winston, and Zart have pulled off a Griever.]
Thomas: Yeah, we found this. It was inside a Griever.
Newt: These are the same letters we get on our supplies.
Thomas: Yeah, whoever put us here obviously made the Grievers. Now this is the first real clue, the first anything, you've found in over three years. Right, Minho?
Minho: Right.
Thomas: Newt, we gotta go back out there. Who knows where this might lead us.
[Newt turns to Gally.]
Gally: You see what he is trying to do, right? First he breaks our rules and then he tries to convince us to abandon them totally. The rules are the only thing that have ever held us together. Why now are we questioning that? If Alby was here, you know he'd agree with me. This Shank needs to be punished.
[Newt looks at Thomas and gives the cylinder back to Minho. Minho takes it back.]
Newt: You're right. Thomas broke the rules. One night in the Pit and no food.
Gally: Oh, come on, Newt! One night in the Pit? You think that's gonna stop him from going into the Maze?
Newt: No. And we can't just have non-Runners running into the Maze whenever they feel like it, so let's just make this official. Starting from tomorrow, you're a Runner.
Gally: Wow. [Starts to leave]
Frypan: [Tries to stop Gally from leaving] Gally.
Gally: [Pushes Frypan's hand away from him] No, Fry.
[Gally walks out of the Council Hall, with Frypan following him. As Frypan follows Gally out of the Council Hall, Thomas turns to Newt.]
Thomas: Thanks, Newt.
View Quote [In the Council Hall, the Gladers are holding a meeting.]
Gally: Things are changing. There's no denying that. First Ben gets stung in broad daylight, and then Alby. And now our Greenie here has taken it upon himself to go into the Maze. Which is a clear violation of our rules here.
Frypan: Yeah, but he saved Alby's life.
Gally: Did he? [Holds three fingers up] For three years, we have coexisted with these things. [Turns to Thomas and points at him] And now you've killed one of them. Who knows what that could mean for us.
Newt: Well, what do you suggest we do?
Gally: He has to be punished.
[The Gladers start protesting.]
Newt: Minho, you were there with him. What do you think?
Minho: I think, in all the time we've been here, no one's ever killed a Griever before. When I turned tail and ran, this dumb Shank stood behind to help Alby. Look, I don't know if he's brave or stupid, but whatever it is, we need more of it. I say we make him a Runner.
[The Gladers continue protesting.]
Chuck: [Starts chanting] Thomas! Thomas! Thomas! Thomas!
Gally: Look, if you wanna throw the newbie a parade, that's fine. Go ahead. But if there is one thing I know about the Maze, it is that you do not–
[Hearing an alarm coming from the Box, the Gladers run out of the Council Hall and towards the Box.]
View Quote [In the medical hut, Alby is lying on a bed writhing in pain from being stung by a Griever.]
Newt: We don't even know what this stuff is. We don't know who sent it, or why it came up here with you. I mean, for all we know, this thing could kill him.
Thomas: He's already dying. Look at him. How could this possibly make it any worse? Come on, it's worth a try.
[Thomas, Teresa, and Newt look at Alby, who is writhing in pain.]
Newt: Alright. [Gives the vial of serum to Thomas] Do it.
[Taking the vial of serum from Newt, Thomas approaches Alby and gets ready to inject the vial of serum into his chest.]
Thomas: [Turns to look at Teresa, Newt, Jeff, and Clint] Okay.
Alby: [Grabs Thomas and starts violently attacking him] You shouldn't be here! You shouldn't be here! NO!
[Newt, Jeff, and Clint try to restrain Alby.]
Thomas: Get the syringe!
[Grabbing the vial of serum, Teresa uses it to stab Alby in the chest. He calms down.]
Jeff: Well, that worked.
Newt: Okay, from now on, someone stays here and watches him around the clock.
[As Teresa from Newt to Alby, Gally walks into the hut.]
Gally: Hey. [Thomas, Teresa, Newt, Jeff, and Clint turn to him] Sundown, Greenie. Time to go.
[Thomas looks at Teresa, Newt, Jeff, and Clint before walking out of the hut, with Gally following him. As Gally follows Thomas out of the hut, Teresa, Newt, Jeff, and Clint watch Alby sleep.]
View Quote [In the WCKD lab, after watching Dr. Ava Paige in the recorded video.]
Chuck: Is it over?
Newt: She said we were important. What're we supposed to do now?
Thomas: I don't know– let's get outta here.
[The surviving Gladers all start for the hallway that leads outside, but halt suddenly.]
Gally: No.
[The Gladers turn around and see that Gally has arrived in the WCKD lab.]
Thomas: Gally? [Starts forward, but Teresa holds him back]
Teresa: Don't. He's been stung.
[Gally has, in fact, been stung by a Griever. He holds a pistol in his right hand and a cylinder in his left hand. He drops the cylinder on the floor.]
Gally: We can't leave.
Thomas: We did. Gally, we're out. We're free.
Gally: Free? You think we're free out there? No. No, there's no escape from this place. [Raises the pistol and aims it at Thomas]
Thomas: Gally, listen to me. You're not thinking straight. You're not. Now, we can help you.
[Minho silently grips a spear, looking at Gally, and getting ready to throw it into his chest.]
Thomas: Just put down the gun.
Gally: I belong to the Maze.
Thomas: Just put down the gun.
Gally: We all do.
[As Chuck gets between Thomas and Gally, Minho throws a spear at Gally, impaling him in the chest. Gally gasps and wheezes before collapsing to his knees. Gally drops the pistol down onto the floor before collapsing on his right side. Chuck turns to Thomas and reveals that Gally has shot him in the chest.]
Chuck: Thomas–
[Chuck collapses to the floor, with Thomas clinging onto him. Thomas tries to stop the bleeding on Chuck's chest.]
Thomas: Chuck. Chuck. Oh, no. Chuck? Chuck? Shit! Shit! Hey, look at me, look at me, look a me! Oh, shit! Chuck, look at me, alright? I got you, buddy. Just hang on. Shit, shit, shit!
Chuck: It's okay. [Grabs Thomas' shoulder] Thomas. Thomas. [Give the figurine to Thomas]
Thomas: [Takes the figurine from Chuck] No, no, Chuck. You're gonna give it to them yourself, remember? I told you that.
Chuck: Take it.
Thomas: No.
Chuck: Thank you. Thank you.
[Chuck dies. Thomas and the Gladers cry over Chuck's dead body. The masked soldiers arrive in the lab and drag Thomas and the Gladers out of the lab as Gally, who is still lying on his right side, watches on.]
View Quote [Minho takes Thomas into the Map Room. Thomas looks around. Minho removes the sheet covering the map on the table.]
Minho: It's the Maze, all of it.
Thomas: What do you mean, "all of it"? I thought you were still mapping it.
Minho: There's nothing left to map. I've run every inch of it myself. Every cycle, every pattern. If there was a way out, we would've found it by now.
Thomas: Why haven't you told anyone this?
Minho: It was Alby's call. People needed to believe we had a chance of getting out. But maybe now, we have a real chance.
[Minho gives the cylinder to Thomas. Thomas takes it.]
Minho: Take a look at this. About a year ago, we started exploring these outer sections, and we found this numbers, printed on the walls. Sections 1 through 8. See, the way it works, is every night, when the Maze changes, it opens up a new section. So today, section 6 was open. Tomorrow, there'll be 4, and 8, and 3. The pattern always stays the same.
[Thomas looks at the number 7 on the cylinder.]
Thomas: What's so special about 7?
Minho: I don't know. Last night, when you killed that Griever, section 7 was opened. Think it must be where it comes from. Tomorrow, you and I are gonna take a closer look.
[Thomas nods. Jeff and Clint run into the Map Room.]
Minho: Hey. What are you guys doing? You're not allowed in here.
Jeff: Sorry. It's just the, um–
Clint: It's the girl.
Thomas: What, is she awake?
Jeff: You could say that.
View Quote [The Gladers run out of the Council Hall and towards the Box. Newt and Gally arrive at the Box. As the Gladers run towards the Box, Newt and Gally open the doors. As Newt jumps down into the Box, Gally stands on the ledge watching on. The Gladers arrive and gather around the Box.]
Frypan: Newt, what do you see?
[The Gladers discover Teresa in the Box.]
Newt: [Discovers Teresa in the Box] It's a girl.
[Thomas approaches the Gladers and sees Teresa in the Box.]
Newt: I think she's dead.
Gally: What's in her hand?
[Newt takes a note from Teresa's hand, unfolds it, and reads it.]
Newt: "She's the last one ever." What the hell does that mean?
Teresa: [Wakes up and sees Thomas] Thomas. [Falls asleep]
[Thomas looks at the Gladers and then looks at Gally.]
Gally: Do you still think I'm overreacting?
[Thomas looks down at Teresa, who is lying asleep in the Box.]
View Quote [Thomas and Gally are walking to the Pit, a set of separate holes dug in the ground and covered by a wood shelter and bamboo cage doors.]
Thomas: Hey, what is your problem with me?
Gally: Everything started going wrong the minute you showed up. First Ben, then Alby, and now the girl.
[Thomas and Gally arrive at the Pit.]
Gally: Everybody saw she recognized you. And I'm betting you know who she is.
[Thomas and Gally look at each other before Gally opens the door of the Pit. Thomas goes into the Pit and Gally closes the door of the Pit and crouches down to fasten the ropes that "lock" the Pit shut.]
Thomas: Gally, you know we can't stay here forever, right?
[Thomas and Gally look at each other before Gally gets up, picks his torch up, and walks away, with Thomas watching on from the door of the Pit. Later, a torchlight comes into view as someone approaches the Pit.]
Thomas: Who's there?
Chuck: It's just me.
Thomas: Sorry, Chuck.
Chuck: [Handing a water bottle and food down] Here. You'll run better on a full stomach.
Thomas: Thanks, Chuck. [Noticing the object in Chuck's hand] Hey, what do you got there? [Chuck shows it to Thomas. It's a small carved stone figure] Oh, that came out pretty damn good. What's that from?
Chuck: It's from my parents.
Thomas: Do you remember your parents?
Chuck: No. well, I mean, I know I must have them. And wherever they are, I'm sure they miss me. But I can't miss them back because I don't remember them. [Looks out towards the walls of the Maze] What do you think you're gonna find out there tomorrow?
Thomas: I don't know. But if there's a way out, Chuck, me and Minho are gonna find it.
Chuck: Here. [Hands Thomas his figurine]
Thomas: Chuck, why would you give this to me?
Chuck: Can't remember them anyway. But maybe if you can find a way out you can give it to them for me. [Gets up to leave] Well, get you some sleep.
Thomas: Hey, Chuck? Come here. [Chuck comes back] Hold out your hand. [Chuck does. Thomas presses the figurine back into his hand] I want you to give that to them yourself. We're gonna get out of here. All of us. Okay? I promise.
View Quote [Thomas and Minho return to the Glade where the Gladers are waiting for them.]
Newt: What the hell is going on out there?
Gally: What the hell you done now, Thomas?
[Thomas and the Gladers start walking.]
Thomas: We found something. A new passage. We think it could be a way out.
Newt: Really?
Minho: It's true. We opened a door. Something I've never seen before. I think it must be where the Grievers go during the day.
Chuck: [Approaches Thomas and Minho] Wait, whoa, whoa, whoa! Are you saying you found the Grievers' home, and you want us to go in?
Thomas: Their way in could be our way out, Chuck.
Gally: Yeah, or there could be a dozen Grievers on the other side. The truth is, Thomas doesn't know what he's done, as usual.
Thomas: [Turns around and faces Gally] Yeah, well, at least I did something, Gally. I mean, what have you done? Huh? Aside from hide behind these walls all the time?
Gally: Let me tell you something, Greenie. You've been here three days, alright? I've been here three years.
Thomas: Yeah, you've been here three years, and you're still here, Gally! Alright, so what does that tell you? Maybe you should start doing things a little differently.
Gally: Maybe you should be in charge, Thomas. What about that? Maybe you should be in charge.
[While Thomas and Gally are arguing, Teresa calls out to them and the Gladers, causing them to turn to her.]
Teresa: Guys. Hey! It's Alby! He's awake.