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Matilda quotes

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View Quote Miss Honey: When I left my home, Aunt Trunchbull's home, I had to leave all my treasures behind.
Matilda: Treasures?
Miss Honey: Photographs of my mother and father, and a beautiful doll my mother gave me with a china face. Lissy Doll, I called her. Would you like some milk?
Matilda: Yes, please. Why don't you run away?
Miss Honey: I've often thought about it, but I can't abandon my children. And if I couldn't teach, I'd have nothing at all.
Matilda: You're very brave, Miss Honey.
View Quote [Matilda and Miss Honey arrive at Miss Honey's cottage]
Matilda: This is the cottage from your story.
Miss Honey: Yes.
Matilda: The young woman is you.
Miss Honey: Yes.
Matilda: But then... [realizes the Trunchbull is Miss Honey's aunt] NO.
Miss Honey: Yes. Aunt Trunchbull.
View Quote [Matilda and Miss Honey walk past the Trunchbull's house]
Miss Honey: That's where Ms. Trunchbull lives.
Matilda: Why is there a swing?
Miss Honey: A girl I know used to live in that house. [cut to a series of flashbacks] Her life was good and happy. When she was just two years old, her mother died. Her father was a doctor, and he needed someone to look after things at home. So he invited the mother's stepsister to come and live with him. But the girl's aunt was a mean person, who treated the girl very badly.
Matilda: The Trunchbull.
Miss Honey: Yes. And worst of all, when the girl was five, her father died.
Matilda: How did her father die?
Miss Honey: The police decided he killed himself.
Matilda: Why would he do such a thing?
Miss Honey: No one knows. [cut back to present] The end is happier. She found a small cottage. She rented it from this lovely rhubarb farmer for just $50 a month, and she covered it in honeysuckle, and she planted hundreds of wildflowers, and she moved out of her wicked aunt's house, and she finally got her freedom.