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The Manhattan Project

The Manhattan Project quotes

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Dr. Matthewson
Lt. Colonel Conroy
Paul Stevens

View Quote Student: [about Paul] What's the problem? Was he sexually abusing the hamsters or something?
View Quote Eccles: I invented a way of using insects as a dietary suppliment for humans. Beetles, ants, mosquitoes. You grind them up -- low cholesterol.
Jeffery: Shut up, Eccles. That's disgusting. My project is quite fascinating. I took six common toads and froze them in liquid nitrogen for six months.
View Quote Elizabeth: And you're interested in a one bedroom sublet, furnished? Any special requirements?
Matthewson: It should be quiet and in an English-speaking country.
View Quote Elizabeth: Paul, did you build an atomic bomb?
Paul: Only a little one.
View Quote Jenny: A five-leaf clover. Where did you find it?
Paul: Growing outside that lab. You know the odds of that kind of mutation happening naturally, without chemicals or radiation or something?
Jenny: What?
Paul: There are none. I looked it up, it's like a billion to one. It never happens.
Jenny: Maybe you're just very lucky.
[Paul hands Jenny a mass of five-leaf clovers]
Jenny: Oh my God.
View Quote Jenny: If we get killed we won't have any future.
Paul: Of course we will. You always have a future.
View Quote Jenny: This isn't funny. Do you know what this is like? It's like when you read about, I don't know, Anne Frank or something and you say to yourself, Jesus why didn't they do something. The whole world is collapsing. They just sat around, life as usual, myabe it'll go away, but it never goes away it only gets worse and nobody thinks about the future. What's the matter?
Paul: Who's Anne Frank?
Jenny: Um, a girl in my English class.
View Quote Jenny: Why are you doing this?
Moore: Because life, my dear, is more than just freezing toads.
View Quote Matthewson: This is terrible, I feel like a perfect ass.
Elizabeth: Nobody's perfect.
View Quote Matthewson: What do you think you're doing?
Paul: Well I thought we'd start out with kissing, and then we might move onto the fancy stuff.
View Quote Official: Sir, what about evacuation?
Lt. Colonel Conroy: Evacuation? Of who?
Official: The people.
Lt. Colonel Conroy: Oh, you mean New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Canada... those people?
View Quote Scientist #1: [about Matthewson] He'd get the Nobel if he could publish.
Scientist #2: Publish?
Scientist #1: I said 'if'.
View Quote Scientist: '[reading a lab report on the plutonium sample that Paul has replaced] Water, citric acid, sodium laureth sulfate, hydrolyzed animal protein, glycerin, USFDA coloring #5.
Matthewson: What the hell is it?
Scientist: It's shampoo.
View Quote [after being drugged] Jenny. I love you, Jenny. I wanna be your wife.
View Quote [as they are about to disarm the bomb] Anybody want to make a bet?