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Looney Tunes: Back in Action

Looney Tunes: Back in Action quotes

24 total quotes

View Quote [just before the heroes' flying car crashes, it stops a few feet above the desert ground]
Bugs: Ha! Outta gas.
[fade to black]
Kate: What?! It doesn't work like that!
[Cut back to car, which smashes into the ground; fade to black again]
Bugs: Thanks, Toots.
View Quote [Kate and Bugs drive through the streets of Las Vegas, looking for Daffy.]
Kate: There's gotta be 314 hotels and 142 casinos in Las Vegas! We are never gonna find that duck.
[Suddenly, Daffy runs into the street and is promptly plastered onto the windshield. Kate gasps.]
Bugs: Hee-hee. Daff never misses a cue.
[D.J. arrives, peels off Daffy, and tosses him into the back seat, upside down, next to Bugs.]
Bugs: Eh, what's up, Duck?
Daffy: Don't you start with me.
[D.J. notices Kate in the driver's seat of the car]
D.J.: You!
Kate: You!
Daffy: [to Bugs] You!
Bugs: Him?
Daffy: Her!
Bugs and Daffy: Them!
View Quote [Outside the ACME satellite, Marvin the Martian (who Bugs and Daffy previously almost got rid of) holds an ACME Bubble Gun on Bugs.]
Marvin: You tricked me!
Bugs: Eh, what's up, Darth?
View Quote [Scooby-Doo and Shaggy chat with Matthew Lillard in the cafeteria]
Shaggy: What kind of performance do you call that? You made me sound like a total space cadet, man!
Lillard: I'm sorry you feel that way. I was just trying to be real to your character.
Shaggy: If you, like, goof on me in the sequel, I'm comin' after ya!
Scooby: Yeah! And I'll give you a Scooby Snarl!
[he growls viciously at Lillard]
View Quote [The good guys take off, leaving the bad guys with the lit dynamite.]
Yosemite Sam: Throw it out the window! Throw it out! THROW IT OUT!
Canasta: But innocent people could be hurt.
Smith: It'll send the wrong message to children!
Yosemite Sam: GIMME THE--!
[dynamite explodes]
Yosemite Sam: Ooh!
View Quote [We get our first view of the ACME boardroom and its members.]
Chairman: This is unacceptable! We cannot have nine-year-olds working in sweatshops making ACME sneakers - not when three-year-olds work for so much less!
[The VPs jump for their buzzers. VP Child Labor hits his first. The Chairman points to him.]
Chairman: Yes?
VP Child Labor: But, sir. They require naps.
Chairman: Put double espresso in their sippy cups!
View Quote [while Bugs fights Marvin outside a spaceship, Daffy cowers inside, sucking his thumb]
Daffy: What am I gonna do? What would Damian Drake do? What would Duck Dodgers do? [pause] Wait a minute, I am Duck Dodgers!
[he spins and changes into his Duck Dodgers outfit.]
Daffy: A-ha! I'm going to be the hero of this picture! [straps on a rocket] Duck Dodgers to the rescue!
[the rocket explodes; Daffy straps on a second rocket]
Daffy: [dazed] Duck Dodgers to the rescue!
[another explosion; Daffy straps on a third]
Daffy: [dazed] Duck Dodgers--
[yet another explosion; Daffy angrily glares at a fourth rocket]
Daffy: Duck!
[yet another explosion; cut to Daffy, now outside with working rocket strapped on]
Daffy: It's You-Know-Who to the rescue! [to the camera] It helps if ya don't say the name.
View Quote [Wile E. Coyote observes the heroes trudging through the desert.]
Bugs: I told ya we shoulda made that left toin at Albuqwirky.
Daffy: Don't start that again!
View Quote [Yosemite Sam chases D.J. and Daffy through the Wooden Nickel casino, guns a-blazin'…]
Yosemite Sam: Come back here, ya card-carryin' cuy-ote!
[… and slips on a banana peel.]
Yosemite Sam: Yikes! Ooooh! Dad-burned slapstick cliché!