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Little Giants

Little Giants quotes

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View Quote Spike: [To Becky] You're mine, Pom Pom!
View Quote Spike: Who's Spike's lead blocker?
Danny O'Shea: The Icebox.
Spike: Where's he at?
Becky: Right here.
Spike: [Stunned after learning Icebox is female] Is Spike mistaken? Aren't you a girl?
Becky: [Sarcastic] Gee, good eye.
Spike: Spike don't play with girls
Danny O'Shea: She's pretty good, Spike.
Spike: Spike don't care. Didn't you hear? Spike don't play with-
[Becky hits Spike with ball]
Becky: I can tackle anything. Anytime. Anywhere. Got that?
Spike: Look, you berzerko Barbie doll, when you mess with Spike, you mess with death.
Becky: You can talk the talk. But can you walk the walk?
Spike: Try me!
Becky: I will!
Spike: Let's go!
Becky: Right now!
Jake "Berminator" Berman: [Puts his hands on his helmet] Somebody call 911!
View Quote Tad "Rad Tad" Simpson: I should've gone to summer school!
View Quote [Spike spears Junior after a play is over]
Official: Personal Foul, number 32, white!
Spike: What?! Are you crazy, what kind of a call is that?!
Jake "Berminator" Berman: [Tries to push Spike] That wasn't very nice you big bully! [Spike pushes him down]
Kevin O'Shea: Hammersmith? If that kid of yours pulls another stunt like that, you're both out of here.
Mike Hammersmith: Hey, come on! I thought you wanted to win!
Kevin O'Shea: Not like that.
View Quote [After Spike's been transferred to the Cowboys] Rudy Zolteck: Great, now they have Spike.
Jake "Berminator" Berman: And we got nothing.
Tad "Rad Tad" Simpson: We got us.
Rasheed "Hot Hands" Hanon: Yeah! We stink!
Tad "Rad Tad" Simpson: 'Cause you can't catch, Hot Hands.
Rudy Zolteck: At least he can walk, Crush Jerk.
Tad "Rad Tad" Simpson: Hey Zolteck, have another Pop Tart!
Rasheed "Hot Hands" Hanon: Yeah, fart boy, or can't you open your big mouth wide enough?!?
Danny O'Shea: Okay, guys, that's enough.
Junior Floyd: Yeah, Coach's right. Break it up.
Rudy Zolteck: Oh, shut up, Junior! You're so good, it makes us sick!
Junior Floyd: [Pause] Hey, you don't want me to play? No problemo. I'm outta here. [Leaves]
Becky: Nice work! If it wasn't for him, we wouldn't even have a team.
Marcus, the kicker: Hey, if it wasn't for him, maybe you'd stop drooling and played a little more football!
Little Giants: Yeah!
Tad "Rad Tad" Simpson: Why can't we all just play together?
Rasheed "Hot Hands" Hanon: Oh, shut up, dipstick! You're probably the main reason Spike quit!
Rudy Zolteck: Yeah, quit bawling you big baby!
Tad "Rad Tad" Simpson: I can cry if I want! It's a free country! I can even do this! [kicks Rudy's leg]
Rudy Zolteck: Ow! Ow!
[Coach Danny O'Shea's jaw drops in his shock] Marcus, the kicker: [Impressed] Nice kick.
[Little Giants walks away] Danny O'Shea: Guys, practice isn't over yet.
Little Giants: Who cares?
View Quote [During the game, Spike gets the ball and intentionally runs down Timmy Moore, who was trying to run away from him, and scores. The other Little Giants come up to Timmy] Timmy Moore: [Dazed] Did I pass the spelling test, Mrs. Greeley?
Rudy Zolteck: Wow, Spike knocked him all the way back to second grade!
[The Little Giants help Timmy as the camera shows an imprint of Timmy's body in the grass]
View Quote [Receiving their uniforms on game day, after Becky has left to join the cheerleaders] Tad "Rad Tad" Simpson: Death shrouds.
Danny O'Shea: [Turns one around] They've got your names on the back.
Jake "Berminator" Berman: So the guys at the morgue can identify the bodies.