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Lethal Weapon 3

Lethal Weapon 3 quotes

15 total quotes

Jack Travis
Lorna Cole
Martin Riggs
Roger Murtagh

View Quote "Close" is a lingerie shop without a front window.
View Quote Internal Affairs Guy:I looked at your record for all the chaos and mayhem you cause.
Riggs:No, no, I'm chaos and he's mayhem, we're a double act. [annoyed] What are we, required reading or something?
Lorna: As a matter of fact you are; somewhere between Police Gazette and Mad Magazine.
View Quote Murtaugh: [sees Riggs about to cut the red wire.] Oh! Oh!
Riggs: What? What?
Murtaugh: A minute ago, you said blue!
Riggs: Did I say blue?
Murtaugh: Riggs, you said blue!
Riggs: Well, I meant red.
Murtaugh: You sure?
Riggs: Well, look, Rog, we can do it your way if you like.
Murtaugh: My way>?! I don't have...!
Riggs: [whispers] Quiet! I'm sure, okay?
Murtaugh: Aw, shit.
Riggs: You ready? [Murtaugh winces] Rog.
Murtaugh: What? [opens his eyes]
Riggs: Aren't you gonna miss all this good stuff when you retire? Aren't you gonna miss it a little bit? Huh? [chuckles] I'm cutting the wire. [Murtaugh winces again] Snip. [timer counts down faster] See, all done. Rog?
Murtaugh: Yeah?
Riggs: [sees the timer; alarmed] Grab the cat!
Murtaugh: Grab the cat?
[he and Riggs run from the building and yell for everyone nearby to evacuate; the building explodes]
View Quote Murtaugh: Do you have to solve everything with your fists?
Riggs: Well, I couldn't use my gun, there were people around.
View Quote Murtaugh: I knew you couldn't stop smoking.
Riggs: I'm only smoking to take my mind off my dog biscuit problem.
Murtaugh: What dog biscuit problem?
Riggs: Well, I've been chasing more cars lately, and uh, y'know , when I try to lick my balls I keep falling off the couch.
View Quote Murtaugh: Riggs, everyone else is outside. Only me, you and this cat are dumb enough to be in here.
Riggs: Nearly a CAT-astrophe, huh?
View Quote Riggs: Hiya, Hubie! We're lookin' for a friend of yours named Travis.
Hubie: I never heard of him.
Riggs: Never? (jabbing Hubie in the eyes) [imitates a buzzer] Wrong answer. Wrong answer. [imitates a buzzer]
View Quote Riggs: Nice of you to steal that information.
Lorna: Semantics, Riggs.
Riggs: Some antics? I'm always up for some antics!
View Quote Travis: Go to hell, Riggs.
Riggs: You first.
View Quote Tyrone: What the hell! It's Jack Travis!
Murtaugh: That's what I wanted, baby.
View Quote (Buries a henchman in cement) Now we've got a relationship we can build on.
View Quote I'm too old for this shit.
View Quote We can't shoot a dog. People? Okay, but not dogs.
View Quote You have the right to remain unconscious. Anything you say ain't gonna be much.
View Quote You know what a future a cop has, Murph? None. You punch a clock for 30 years, retirement, pension... nothin' to do. Drunk at noon, bullet in the brain by evening. Well, not for this kid! The police department's got it all: guns, ammo, drugs, cash... it's a one-stop shopping center. If you've got the balls and the brains, there's not a ****ing thing anyone can do about it!