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Laura's Star

Laura's Star quotes

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Laura: [sighs and presses against her bedroom window] Ugh. Mom, Dad, where's the apple tree?
Mother: Oh, Laura, sweetheart. Has your spacecraft survived the move in one piece? And your flight? Come on, tell us a bit about it.
Laura: Mm. It was all a bit much, if you don't mind me saying. During our landing, we drifted slightly off course, as you all know. Then I opened my curtains and hard a good look around, and what did I see? My lovely apple tree's not there, nor my friends. The meadow has also disappeared and the birdhouse, my seesaw, my flowers and my absolutely favorite place in the hill, and...
Tommy: My Protect-Me-Dog!
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Father: Come on guys, get ready!
Laura: What for? Is something wrong?
Father: Oh, we thought perhaps you'd like to go to the countryside this weekend, to see our old house once more.
Laura: [gasps in surprise and delight, but runs to window and looks outside] Oh!
Max: [waves] Hi! Laura!
Laura: Uh, but, Dad, can we choose another weekend to go out in the countryside?
Mother: Why's that, then?
Laura: We've only just got here, Mom. Our new home.
Tommy: Home. [giggles cheerfully]
[Laura runs outside as ending theme "Touch the Sky" begins playing]
Laura: [last line of the film] Hey, Max!
View Quote [to her toys] Don't worry. Tomorrow we're all gonna go back home. [points] See? Look. We'll need to follow that big, bright star up there. That's it. That'll take us home.
View Quote [to the star] You're quire a way from home, aren't you? And you're a stranger around here and don't know anyone. Guess what. You're just like me. Really, quite like me.