N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z #

Tramp: Well, here we are.
Lady: The zoo?
Tramp: Sure! No, no. This way. Follow me.
[the zoo security guard hums an Irish folk song]
Lady: Oh!
Tramp: What's the matter, Pige?
Lady: We can't go in.
Tramp: Why not?
Lady: Well, the sign says, "No Dogs Allowed."
Tramp: Yeah, well, well, that's... That's the angle.
Lady: Angle?
Tramp: Look, we'll just wait for the right... [the professor appears reading a book] Uh-oh! Here we are now. Just lay low.
[Tramp whistles at the zoo security guard, then barks]
Zoo Security Guard: Hey, you!
Professor: [closes his book] Uh, I beg your pardon? Were you addressing me?
Zoo Security Guard: What's the matter!? [shows the professor the "No Dogs Allowed" sign] Can't you read!?
Professor: Why, yes. Several languages.
Zoo Security Guard: Oh, a wise guy, eh? [Tramp growls viciously at the zoo security guard] All right, now... [points to Tramp with his nightstick] ...what's this creature doing here?
Tramp: [barks at the zoo security guard's nightstick]
Professor: He's not my dog. [Tramp jumps into the professor's arms]
Zoo Security Guard: Oh, he's not, eh!? [Tramp barks at the zoo security guard]
Professor: Let go! Go away! Go on! Why, certainly not, officer.
Zoo Security Guard: Aye, and I suppose you'll be telling me next that it was the dog that was whistling, eh!?
Professor: I-I-I'm certain I don't know.
Zoo Security Guard: Oh, so, I'm a liar now, am I!? [angrily] Well, you listen to me! AHA! Resisting an officer of the law! [Tramp tears off the back of the professor's suit, in order to provoke him into getting into trouble with the zoo security guard] Oh, you're going to pay! [Tramp bites the zoo security guard's buttocks] OW!! Pull a knife on me, would you!? Trying to assassinate me, are you!? Carrying a concealed weapon! [the zoo security guard's and the professor's fight makes some nearby elephants, lions, and giraffes think the zoo security guard and the professor both have gone crazy, as they watch the fight from their exhibits]
Tramp: [continues barking, then to Lady] Come on, Pidge. The place is ours. [he enters the zoo with Lady, as the zoo security guard and the professor continue fighting]

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