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General Colt: This man is the man I have my mind on today and I'll tell you who he is: this is my opposite number, General Bogle, commanding the 2nd German Armor Division. Now I look at that face, I can read that character... this guy's a loser. Here I am sitting in his headquarters, I'm drinking his scotch... hell, I even got one of his broads hanging around here somewheres. The guy's a born loser... but you gentleman have not buried him yet. Now you call yourselves leaders of men?
Major Roach: They're putting up strong resistance, General.
General Colt: Aw, c'mon, Roach, I flew over the battlefield this morning; why, I could march a divisional dress parade with band music right through the middle of their lines!
Major Roach: Well, what about our flanks, sir?
General Colt: Aw, the hell with your flanks, Roach, how many times have I gotta tell ya forget about your flanks, willya?
Major: Sir, there's still half a panzer division between here and Nancy...
General Colt: Without gas. Without gas, gentlemen.
Colonel Booker: Oh, they're getting gas, sir, it's coming up at night.
General Colt: How?
Colonel Booker: By truck.
General Colt: The Air Force has got my orders to blow every bridge in this sector out of existence.
Colonel Booker: Yes, sir, and they're doing it. And the Germans, they're rebuilding the bridges every night.
General Colt: Well, we're supposed to be blowing 'em up again in the daytime. Captain, get me those aerial photographs.
Captain Jablonski: Right, sir.
Major Roach: General, last night someone gave orders to redirect our mortar fire against some damn crossroads.
General Colt: Listen, Roach, I don't want any excuses outta you, ya hear me? All I want is to know why this loser of a general is keeping me the hell out of Nancy.
Major Roach: Sir, we haven't got the supplies - it's just a matter of logistics.
General Colt: Logistics?
Major Roach: Yes, sir.
General Colt: We got logistics comin' out of our ears! What we need is fighting spirit. The will to win! Where are those aerial photographs?
Captain Jablonski: [Rummaging around for the photos] I'm sorry, sir, they don't seem to be here.
General Colt: They don't what?
Captain Jablonski: [Still looking for the pictures] I can't locate them, Sir.
General Colt: Hey. [CPT Jablonski looks at Colt] Did you lose my aerial photographs?
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