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Big Joe: Yeah, just a few little things, Kelly. According to this map, we got a river to cross before we get into this town of yours.
Kelly: Well, there's a bridge right here, six miles out.
Big Joe: There was a bridge. The Air Corps knocked every bridge out of that river months ago.
Kelly: Uh-uh, intelligence reports the Air Corps knocking 'em out by day and the Germans rebuilding 'em at night. Now, all we have to do is be there tomorrow morning at dawn and we got ourselves a bridge.
Big Joe: Oh! Well, how about the German Army? Do you think they'd mind us crossing their bridge there, eh, Kelly?
Kelly: Probably.
Big Joe: You know something, Kelly? I think you're crazy. Better yet, I think I'm crazy! How the hell I ever let you talk the guys into this?! Push 30 miles behind enemy lines, take a bridge held by the Germans and then go into a town we don't know how many German soldiers are guarding!
Kelly: Well, I figure there's between 30 and 40 troops in that town.
Big Joe: All right, how'd you figure that?
Kelly: Well, it's of no military importance, it's not big enough for a garrison-
Big Joe: You still didn't answer the question! How'd you figure 30 or 40 men?
Kelly: Because that's the normal amount of support for three Tiger tanks.
Big Joe: [Aghast] Tigers? Where'd the hell the Tigers come from?!
Kelly: Well, that's why we have Oddball and his Shermans.
Big Joe: Does he know about the Tigers?
Kelly: Not yet, no.
Big Joe: You bet your sweet ass he doesn't, or he'd be still on that funny-farm of his! He may be nuts, but he's not crazy enough to put Shermans up against Tigers! You know once those things get rolling, they'll blow that whole town to pieces, including us, Kelly!
Kelly: Oh, you're too smart to let that happen, Joe.
Big Joe: Oh, wow...
Kelly: You'll figure us a way in and out of that town, and I know you've got a good head for tactics.
Big Joe: Yeah? And I intend to keep it right here on my shoulders, Kelly! With these Tigers, this operation goes above and beyond the call of duty!
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