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First Sergeant Mulligan: [Upon seeing Kelly, assuming Kelly is there to yell at him for shelling Kelly's unit by accident the previous night] Wait, Kelly, wait. Will you listen to me a second? Will ya listen to me! It's not me, I tell ya, it's not me! I - I can't tell one shell from another, they all look alike! They all look alike. If was me, if I could tell, would I be here? WOULD I BE HERE?! I wouldn't be here, Kelly! I'd be back in the States! I'd be out with all those broads! I'd be working in a factory!
Kelly: Relax.
First Sergeant Mulligan: Wait a minute. Will ya just listen to me? We gotta have a little understanding around here. Why the hell can't we ever have any understanding around here?!
Kelly: Relax. Mulligan, I just want to make a proposition to you.
First Sergeant Mulligan: A prop-proposition? Well, is it dirty or just illegal?
Kelly: Well, I want you to set up a barrage for me. I want you to lay down a barrage for me, Mulligan. Grid section 7, right here at these crossroads.
First Sergeant Mulligan: I got to have a signed operations order from the C.O.
Kelly: You see, that's just the problem, Mulligan. We don't have an authorization.
First Sergeant Mulligan: You don't have a... Gee, well, Kelly, without an authorization... I can't help you.
Kelly: I told you I had a proposition, Mulligan. That's just what I meant. [takes out a gold bar] A proposition.
First Sergeant Mulligan: Well... why?
Kelly: Why what?
First Sergeant Mulligan: Why... Why not?
Kelly: You won't forget me now, will you?
First Sergeant Mulligan: [staring at the gold bar] No. No, I won't forget, Kelly.
Kelly: You're a good man, Mulligan.
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