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Big Joe: [looking around inside a yacht where Captain Maitland is standing] What are you doing in there, sir?
Capt. Maitland: I'm checking out the motor.
Big Joe: The motor? What for?
Capt. Maitland: We're pulling out and I want to see if this yacht is worth taking back to base.
Big Joe: What about Nancy!?
Capt. Maitland: Third Army's taking over. We’re going into reserve. Once they take Nancy, we go back into the line.
Big Joe: Aw, Captain, I don't think you have the welfare of your men at heart here! This is a big, big town, with a lot of with a lot of passionate broads... great restaurants, feather beds in rooms with hot water... Look, Captain, we've been rained on, pushed on, bombed on... mortared on by Mulligan all the way from the Normandy beachhead!
Capt. Maitland: I'm aware of that problem, Sergeant.
Big Joe: “I’m aware of that problem...” You've been aware of that problem ever since we got out of the water at Omaha! Look, why is it that every time we get to a town like Nancy, it’s these clowns with the clean uniforms and ties that get to ride the trucks into town and make their pitch?
Capt. Maitland: The General says we pull out, so we pull out.
Big Joe: Look, Captain! You can't let them do this! I gotta get my men some broads they start freaking-out with each other!
Capt. Maitland: I'm aware that that situation might be developing... [looks around] Think I could get this into the hold of a B-17?
Big Joe: We're point section to the whole damn Army! Nancy's our town, Captain!
[voice from outside] Hey, Big Joe!
Big Joe: What is it!?
[voice from outside] Babra says there's a company of Germans pushing up the road!
Big Joe: I'll be with you in a minute! [turns to Capt. Maitland ]
Big Joe: Look, Captain! We got it all figured out. We even got a guide! All we have to do is get in there!
Capt. Maitland: There’s a couple of German divisions who say you can't.
Big Joe: OK! So we need a little help!
Capt. Maitland: All I need is to figure out how to get this yacht out of here. [pause] You get back to the barn. I'll get the Engineers and do it myself.
Big Joe: You're supposed to be in charge of this outfit!
Capt. Maitland: You're doing such a good job, Sergeant- why should I get in your way?
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