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View Quote After one month, his amnesia and his delusion has persisted. He claims to be not human. A visitor from another planet.
View Quote Dr. Chakraborty
View Quote Wow. He looks like Data.
View Quote Josh
View Quote I put up with the stink in this place for ten years. I want to get out, if you know what I mean. I used to be the doorman at The Plaza — fif-fifteen years — that's when I started to notice it… The smell. They all stank. I, I tried to tell them, but, uh… they put me here. And um, this, this place smells worse than all — except for you. You, you don't smell. So I figured you could help me.
View Quote prot told me to find the Bluebird of Happiness… Its a task. The first of three.
View Quote Howie
View Quote Patients do not escape from this institution. They don't escape. I'm going to have a great time explaining this to the state board. I've got psychotics on the fourth floor packing up their sneakers because they all think they're going off to K-PAX. Find him.
View Quote Dr. Claudia Villars
View Quote I know... You're the bluebird.
View Quote Bess
View Quote Is the spaceman here yet?
View Quote Gabby Powell
View Quote You know what a family is? You worry. They don't tell you that you know.
View Quote Rachel Powell
View Quote Quiet type. As I recall he was a real smart fellow… a brain. Strong as a horse though — and worked as a knocker.
View Quote The sheriff of Robert Porter's town, referring to his occupation as a killer of cattle in a beef processing plant; the authors of this work are perhaps also making some allusions to knockers, mythical creatures in Welsh folklore.
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