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K-PAX quotes

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Mark Powell

View Quote Stay here — and be prepared — for anything. Mark Powell: If it's such a terrible experience, how do you reproduce?
Prot: As carefully as possible.
Mark Powell: What happened in there? I mean...he could be a savant. There are savants who've painted flawless copies of Rembrandts who couldn't remember their own names! You don't believe him, Steve?
Steve: I don't know what I believe, Mark...but I know what I saw.
Mark Powell: Where the hell have you been?
Prot: Newfoundland, Greenland, Iceland… Labrador…
Howie: You never gave me my last task. What's my last task?
Prot: To stay here — and be prepared — for anything.
Mark Powell: You have no laws?
Prot: No laws. No lawyers.
Mark Powell: How do you know right from wrong?
Prot: Every being in the universe knows right from wrong, Mark.
View Quote Every being in the universe knows right from wrong, Mark.
View Quote For your information: All beings have the capacity to cure themselves, Mark. This is something we've known on K-PAX for millions of years.
View Quote He's the most convincing delusional I've ever come across.
View Quote I have arrived. My travels are over for the time being.
View Quote I know... You're the bluebird.
View Quote I travel light. That's a joke, Mark. You humans — there's just no sense of humor.
View Quote Let me tell you something, Mark. You humans, most of you, subscribe to this policy of an eye for an eye, a life for a life, which is known throughout the universe for its stupidity. Even your Buddha and your Christ had quite a different vision; but nobody's paid much attention to them, not even the Buddhists or the Christians.
View Quote Patients do not escape from this institution. They don't escape. I'm going to have a great time explaining this to the state board. I've got psychotics on the fourth floor packing up their sneakers because they all think they're going off to K-PAX. Find him.
View Quote prot told me to find the Bluebird of Happiness… Its a task. The first of three.
View Quote Quiet type. As I recall he was a real smart fellow… a brain. Strong as a horse though — and worked as a knocker.
View Quote Something happened. That's why he called me. He calls me when something bad happens.
View Quote What Einstein actually said was that nothing can accelerate to the speed of light because its mass would become infinite. Einstein said nothing about entities already traveling at the speed of light or faster.
View Quote Whenever you're ready, I'll be waiting.
View Quote Why is a soap bubble round? Because it is the most energy efficient configuration. Similarly, on your planet I look like you; on K-PAX I look like a K-Paxian.