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[Baloo runs into Shanti, and they begin to argue]
Baloo: What are you doing here? Hey, I'm really not in the mood for this.
Shanti: [overlapping Baloo] I spent the night in the jungle! I was attacked by a snake! But I really don't care, because--
Baloo: And, that's why--
Both: I'm here to help Mowgli! [they hesitate] You are?
Baloo:: I guess we're on the same side.
Shanti: [still coming to terms with the fact that Baloo is benevolent] I guess so.
Baloo: OK.
Shanti: OK.
Baloo: All right. You, uh... go that way. I'll cover you. [Shanti hurries off; Baloo observes Shere Khan roaming around the temple from behind a gong, and sees Mowgli come out from his hiding place behind the gong a few yards away before hiding again. Baloo then sounds the gong with his fists, getting Shere Khan's attention. Mowgli peeks out and sees Shere Khan approaching Baloo's position. Shanti nervously bangs another gong, drawing Shere Khan towards her. Mowgli quietly observes Baloo and Shanti's actions and rings his gong with a couple branches, causing Shere Khan to hone in on his hiding place. Baloo sounds his gong again: Shere Khan immediately goes in his direction. The three then sound their gongs simultaneously, confusing Shere Khan. Unfortunately, the chain holding up Shanti's gong breaks off, Baloo and Mowgli gasps and getting Shere Khan's attention.]
Shanti: Oh, no.
Shere Khan: [chuckles] Well isn't this a delightful turn of events? [chuckles] So, what's it going to be, man-cub? You or your adorable little girlfriend? [Shanti throws her sticks at Shere Khan] I'm waiting! One, two--
Mowgli: [realizes that Shere Khan is going to kill Shanti and comes out from his hiding place and said] No! Don't!
Shere Khan: Three-- [turns to see Mowgli; he chuckles then scowls] No more games, man-cub.
[Shere Khan charges at Mowgli, Baloo bashes Shere Khan with his hip]
Shanti: Mowgli?!
Mowgli: Come on!
[they run up a staircase; Baloo grabs Shere Khan, trying to slow him down, but the tiger hits Baloo in the face, knocking him aside]
Baloo: Mowgli! Look out!
Shanti: [realizing there's a pit of lava at the bottom] Oh, no!
Mowgli: We can do it!
[they jump across and just barely grab onto the statue at the other end. Shere Khan is close behind and effortlessly leaps across]
Mowgli: Come on!
[he and Shanti climb on top of the statue. Shere Khan, using all his strength, climbs up after the children and corners them]
Shere Khan: Mowgli... [The statue tilts and falls. Shere Khan falls down towards the lava. Baloo barely catches Shanti and Mowgli. Shere Khan lands on a rocky outcrop in the lava pit. A second later, the statue seemingly crushes him. Baloo, Shanti, and Mowgli look down into the pit where Shere Khan fell. Shere Khan is now trapped in the statue's mouth; an injured but still alive Lucky appears.]
Lucky: Hello, stripes. You're looking a bit down in the mouth today. [laughs crazily]
Shere Khan: Oh, no...
Lucky: Hey, hey! What's the matter? Cat got your tongue? I always knew you had a head on your shoulders, eh, Khanny, my boy? [laughing crazily]
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