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The Jungle Book 2

The Jungle Book 2 quotes

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View Quote Bagheera: This has to stop. You can't keep trying to take Mowgli from the man-village. The boy's future lies with his own kind.
Baloo: Oh! His future can wait. [sighs] I miss my bear cub.
Bagheera: [sighs] It's not safe for him in the jungle. You know Shere Khan is looking for Mowgli.
Baloo: Just let Shere Khan try something. We handled old stripes once, we'll do it again.
[Bagheera walks in front of Baloo]
Bagheera: Baloo, don't push your luck.
Baloo: Outta the way, Baggy!
Bagheera: You're not going anywhere near the village!
[Before he can finish his sentence, Bagheera falls through the log then into the river with a scream. Baloo looks down the hole in the log. Bagheera jumps out for air.]
Baloo: Later, Baggy!
Bagheera: That's it! Hathi, Plan B!
View Quote Baloo: Look for the bare necessities, the simple bare necessities, forget about your worries and your strife [scatting as he bumps a coconut tree, causing a coconut to fall down, and he throws it onto a plant] that bring the bare necessities of life [continues scatting as he bumps a banana tree, causing a banana to fall; he shoots the banana, nearly hitting Bagheera who's sitting on a tree branch above him, before throwing the peel onto the coconut] Now that's more like it! Let's see if you've still got it. [scatting] Take it away little britches! [Nothing happens, Bagheera sadly watches Baloo from his branch]
Bagheera: Poor fellow.
Baloo: I said, take it AWAY!!! [The coconut falls off the plant and rolls onto the ground. Baloo's smile turns into a frown as he sighs] This ain't gonna work... You just ain't Mowgli. I guess I gotta get used to singing solo.
[Bagheera looks down at Baloo from his branch and can't help but feel sorry for him]
Bagheera: He's just not getting over that-- [gasps when he sees that Baloo is gone] Oh, no. Not again! Baloo. Baloo! [he runs off after Baloo as the screen turns toward the coconut and banana peel. The music takes an ominous turn as the footsteps of another animal are heard; a shadow appears over the coconut before Shere Khan places his paw on top of it and crushes it]
Shere Khan: Mowgli... [growling]
View Quote Baloo: What are you laughing at? [wipes the mango off his nose, then gasps as he sees Bagheera appear; he glares at Baloo as he climbs down the rocks and approaches him] What are you doing' out here, Baggy?
[Baloo put his hands on Mowgli behind his back]
Bagheera: Haven't you heard? Man is in the jungle.
Baloo: Wha-wha-what do they want?
Bagheera: They're searching for Mowgli.
Baloo: Mowgli?
Bagheera: I thought that perhaps that maybe you have seen the boy. [smiles suspiciously]
Baloo: Me? Uh, no. Ha? You know his responsibility.
Bagheera: Yes. I just wish I knew where he was!
Baloo: Yeah. Whew. Sorry. But first I can help you, Baggy?
Bagheera: D'oh! Enough games, Baloo! Now give me the boy.
Baloo: Baggy, Baggy, Baggy, Baggy. I can explain. I can explain. I...can explain but I don't have to, because, as you can plainly see, Mowgli is not here. I'm all alone.
[Baloo looks at Bagheera, then smiles, with his teeth out]
Bagheera: [sighs] I know that he's around here somewhere, and he can't hide forever.
Baloo: Uh, he won't get past you, Baggy.
Bagheera: Hmm!
View Quote Lucky: Ask me if I can whup that tiger! Go on!
Dizzy: Can you whup that tiger?
Lucky: I Shere Kahn! [Shere Khan gets annoyed by Lucky's mockeries; the other vultures laugh]
View Quote Mowgli: I'm sorry, sir. It's just...
Ranjan's Father: No, Mowgli. I'm sorry. I should've understood that the jungle is a part of who you are. [Smiles at Mowgli, who promptly smiles back and hugs him] I'm just glad you're safe.
View Quote Ranjan's Father: Shanti, what is it? [To the children] Children, come inside this instant, all of you! [to Mowgli] Mowgli? That includes you! [Mowgli slowly walks to him] I am very disappointed in you. You put everyone in danger. You know that you're not allowed to cross the river, and yet you deliberately disobeyed me!
Mowgli: But, but, I...
Ranjan's Father: No, Mowgli. The jungle is a dangerous place. I should know. [shows scars on his arm] You are confined to your room without dinner. That should gave you plenty of time to think about what you've done.
View Quote Ranjan: [beats Kaa repeatedly with a stick for trying to eat Shanti] Bad snake! Bad snake! Bad snake! Bad snake! Bad snake!
Shanti: Ranjan? What are you doing here?
Ranjan: Bad snake, bad snake! You leave Shanti alone!
View Quote [A shocked Bagheera spies on the villagers]
Ranjan's Father: Mowgli! [sighs] Perhaps I was too harsh on the boy.
Ranjan's Mother: Don't worry. We'll find them. [they both smile]
Ranjan's Father: Mowgli!
Ranjan's Mother: Ranjan!
Villager: Shanti!
Bagheera: [shock turns to anger] Baloo...!
View Quote [Baloo runs into Shanti, and they begin to argue]
Baloo: What are you doing here? Hey, I'm really not in the mood for this.
Shanti: [overlapping Baloo] I spent the night in the jungle! I was attacked by a snake! But I really don't care, because--
Baloo: And, that's why--
Both: I'm here to help Mowgli! [they hesitate] You are?
Baloo:: I guess we're on the same side.
Shanti: [still coming to terms with the fact that Baloo is benevolent] I guess so.
Baloo: OK.
Shanti: OK.
Baloo: All right. You, uh... go that way. I'll cover you. [Shanti hurries off; Baloo observes Shere Khan roaming around the temple from behind a gong, and sees Mowgli come out from his hiding place behind the gong a few yards away before hiding again. Baloo then sounds the gong with his fists, getting Shere Khan's attention. Mowgli peeks out and sees Shere Khan approaching Baloo's position. Shanti nervously bangs another gong, drawing Shere Khan towards her. Mowgli quietly observes Baloo and Shanti's actions and rings his gong with a couple branches, causing Shere Khan to hone in on his hiding place. Baloo sounds his gong again: Shere Khan immediately goes in his direction. The three then sound their gongs simultaneously, confusing Shere Khan. Unfortunately, the chain holding up Shanti's gong breaks off, Baloo and Mowgli gasps and getting Shere Khan's attention.]
Shanti: Oh, no.
Shere Khan: [chuckles] Well isn't this a delightful turn of events? [chuckles] So, what's it going to be, man-cub? You or your adorable little girlfriend? [Shanti throws her sticks at Shere Khan] I'm waiting! One, two--
Mowgli: [realizes that Shere Khan is going to kill Shanti and comes out from his hiding place and said] No! Don't!
Shere Khan: Three-- [turns to see Mowgli; he chuckles then scowls] No more games, man-cub.
[Shere Khan charges at Mowgli, Baloo bashes Shere Khan with his hip]
Shanti: Mowgli?!
Mowgli: Come on!
[they run up a staircase; Baloo grabs Shere Khan, trying to slow him down, but the tiger hits Baloo in the face, knocking him aside]
Baloo: Mowgli! Look out!
Shanti: [realizing there's a pit of lava at the bottom] Oh, no!
Mowgli: We can do it!
[they jump across and just barely grab onto the statue at the other end. Shere Khan is close behind and effortlessly leaps across]
Mowgli: Come on!
[he and Shanti climb on top of the statue. Shere Khan, using all his strength, climbs up after the children and corners them]
Shere Khan: Mowgli... [The statue tilts and falls. Shere Khan falls down towards the lava. Baloo barely catches Shanti and Mowgli. Shere Khan lands on a rocky outcrop in the lava pit. A second later, the statue seemingly crushes him. Baloo, Shanti, and Mowgli look down into the pit where Shere Khan fell. Shere Khan is now trapped in the statue's mouth; an injured but still alive Lucky appears.]
Lucky: Hello, stripes. You're looking a bit down in the mouth today. [laughs crazily]
Shere Khan: Oh, no...
Lucky: Hey, hey! What's the matter? Cat got your tongue? I always knew you had a head on your shoulders, eh, Khanny, my boy? [laughing crazily]
View Quote [Mowgli finds Shanti and Ranjan, both of whom look scared by something]
Mowgli: There you are! I'm so sorry. Will you let me explain?
[Shanti backs away in fear]
Mowgli: Come on! At least talk to me.
[Shanti nervously points at something behind Mowgli; he turns around and gasps when he sees Shere Khan lurking in the shadows, he approaches the children]
Shere Khan: You seem surprised to see me, man-cub. I can't imagine why. I wasn't going to let you get away with what you did to me. You see, you humiliated me, man-cub. Surely you do realize I simply can't let you live.
[Shanti, Mowgli, and Ranjan are now terrified]
Mowgli: [to Shanti and Ranjan] Run!
[Shanti and Ranjan flee the area. Mowgli turns to face Shere Khan and throws dust in his face before running for it]
Shere Khan: Oh, you're going to try and outrun me. How droll!
Mowgli: [catches up with Shanti and Ranjan] Come on! This way! [Behind them, Shere Khan gives chase with a snarl; Mowgli, Shanti, and Ranjan climb over a log to some bushes] All right. Stay here!
Shanti: Mowgli, no! [Shere Khan leaps over the log with a roar; Shanti and Ranjan hide in the bushes] Ranjan, wait here. I gotta go help Mowgli!
Ranjan: But I wanna help Mowgli too!
Shanti: No! I'll be right back. I promise. Don't move. [Shanti goes after Mowgli. Ranjan is still determined to help, and gets his loincloth caught on a branch; he is thrown backwards and comes face-to-face with Baloo. He panics and tries to run. Baloo picks him up by the loincloth.]
Baloo: Whoa, whoa. Hold still. Calm down, kid. Now, where's Mowgli?
Ranjan: Shere Khan!
Baloo: [shocked] Shere Khan? Hold on! [puts Ranjan on his shoulders and hurries to the rescue. Meanwhile, Mowgli is still running as fast as he can, but stops when he comes to a lava lake surrounding an ancient temple.]
Mowgli: Whoa! [Mowgli looks at the lava nervously and looks back when he hears Shere Khan roar behind him; he jumps across and barely grabs onto the other side. He looks back just in time to see Shere Khan appear and quickly climbs up and races up the stairs. Shere Khan gets across with an effortless running jump. Mowgli enters the temple looking for a place to hide.]
Shere Khan: [laughing evilly] No matter how fast you can run, no matter where you can hide, I will catch you. [Shere Khan climbs up the stairs as Mowgli hides behind a gong, hyperventilating.] Come out, come out, wherever you are. [In the jungle, Bagheera climbs down from a tree branch and hears Ranjan's voice]
Ranjan: Hurry! Hurry! Faster, faster! [Bagheera sees Ranjan]
Bagheera: Oh, no! Not another Man-cub!
Ranjan: Can't you go any faster? [Bagheera then sees that Ranjan is riding on Baloo's shoulders]
Bagheera: [gasps and races alongside him] Baloo! What is the meaning of this?!
Baloo: Mowgli's in trouble!
Ranjan: And Shanti, too!
Bagheera: Who's Shanti? [Meanwhile, Shanti has just reached the temple and leaps across the lava before hurrying inside. She reacts with horror upon seeing Shere Khan looking around for Mowgli. She desperately looks for a place to hide. Baloo, Ranjan, and Bagheera arrive at the temple mere seconds later.]
Baloo: Take the kid, Baggy! I'll help Mowgli!
Bagheera: Baloo, be careful!