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Jungle 2 Jungle

Jungle 2 Jungle quotes

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Michael Cromwell
Mimi Siku
Richard Kempster

View Quote (About Jovanovich) Now, this guy has a lot of money. He's the king of caviar, and he's gonna save our asses!
View Quote (Referring to New York) This your village, Baboon? (Michael: Yep, this is my village) It's big.
View Quote Michael: That's my son?
Patricia: [nods her head] His name's Mimi-Siku.
Michael: His name is what?
Patricia: Mimi-Siku.
Michael: Mimi Siku?
Patricia: Roughly translated, it means "cat piss".
Michael: He picked the name "cat piss"?
Patricia: He was six years old at the time. It's a territorial thing.
Michael: You sure he's mine?
Patricia: Positive. He's got your nose, and he thinks he's never wrong.
View Quote Mimi: [initiates Karen into his tribe] You Pinari now. Choose a name.
Karen: Choose for me.
Mimi: [thinks for a moment] Ukumay.
Karen: What?
Mimi: U-Ku-May.
Karen: What does it mean?
Mimi: It means "Sound of rain on river water."
Karen: "Ukumay." It's pretty. [kisses Mimi, and they kiss passionately]
View Quote Richard: [walking upstairs] Ring twice, knock once, ring three times. Okay.
Michael: [sees video camera next to big wooden door] Oh, boy.
Richard: So it is...
Michael: What, what?
Richard: Ring twice.
Michael: Ring twice. [Michael rings doorbell] Got it, got it.
Richard: Knock once. [knocks] And then you ring three times.
Michael: You sure it's three?
Richard: Yes, it's definitely three times. [Michael rings doorbell]
Michael: Okay. [clears throat; nothing happens]
Richard: Okay, so that's wrong. So we do, ring three times... [rings three times]
Michael: I'm not sure--
Richard: Knock once, and ring twice.
Michael: No, it--
Richard: Yeah.
Michael: [sighs] We're gonna get shot.
Richard: Uh-uh, it's gonna be fine. It's gonna be good. [nothing happens]
Michael: That-that really worked great. I-I remember it differently now. I got what it is.
Richard: All right, Mr. Wizard, take over.
Michael: Ring twice.
Richard: Take over.
Michael: You knock once.
Richard: And ring--
Michael: [stops Richard] No-no-no, you do not, whatever you do, ring four times. [Holds up hand and indicates fingers to remind Richard of the man losing his fingers]
Jovanovic: [from inside] Open damn door! Chort Vozmi!
View Quote [while canoeing on the river]
Mimi: [pointing to toucan in flight] Hoko!
Michael: Hoko; bird. Bird who can't sing: Hoko Ono.
View Quote (Because Patricia didn't show up) Okay, if that's the way she wants to play it, she's not gonna get a dime.
View Quote [to Richard; quietly] You're walking around New York City... [loudly] WITH $1,000,000 IN A SUITCASE?!?!
View Quote [upon seeing Lipo Lipo; about Patrcia] Oh, my God. She left me for Gilligan's Island!
View Quote I'm a parent! Therefore, I'm an idiot!
View Quote JAN!!!!!!
View Quote Stop shouting, Baboon! Maitika kill chief!
View Quote [seeing Karen for the first time] Angel on table.