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Lou Ivon: The Zapruder film establishes three shots in 5.6 seconds. I'm Oswald. Time me.
Bill Broussard: Go.
[Ivon fakes three shots]
Jim Garrison: Time?
Bill Broussard: Between six and seven seconds.
Lou Ivon: Without really aiming. The second and third shots came almost right on top of each other. It takes a minimum of 2.3 seconds to recycle this thing. The other problem is, there was a tree blocking the first two shots when fired in the Zapruder film.
Jim Garrison: Didn't Hoover say something about leaves falling in November?
Lou Ivon: It was Texas live oak, Chief. It sheds its leaves in early March. Take this Carcano, world's worst shoulder weapon and try to hit a moving target at 88 yards through heavy foliage. No way. FBI tried two sets of tests. Not one sharpshooter could match Oswald's performance. Not one. Oswald was at best a medium shot. The scope was defective on it too. This is the whole essence of the case to me. The guy couldn't do the shooting. Nobody could. And they sold this lemon to the American public.
Jim Garrison: The Zapruder film was the proof they didn't count on. We got to get our hands on it.
Bill Broussard: It means we'll have to subpoena Time-Life.
Jim Garrison: Let me ask you something. Why not just shoot Kennedy on Houston? Plenty of time. He's out in the open.
Lou Ivon: I keep asking myself the same thing.
Jim Garrison: Frontal shot. Even if you miss him once, if he accelerates, you get a second shot.
Lou Ivon: The only reason to get him on Elm is you got him in a triangulated crossfire. You put a team there down at the fence. Frontal shot. Flat, low trajectory. Put a third team down in this building on a low floor. When Kennedy gets in the kill zone, it's a turkey shoot.
Jim Garrison: How many men?
Lou Ivon: One shooter. One spotter on a radio. Maybe three teams. These are professional riflemen. Serious people. Hunters. Patient. It takes skill to kill with a rifle. That's why no chief executive's been executed with one in 200 years.

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