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View Quote Cuban man: ****ing Kennedy is doing all kinds of deals with that bastard Khrushchev. Licking his ass. An inspired act of God should happen here and put a Texan in the White House!
View Quote Lee Bowers: At the time of the shooting there seemed to be some commotion... I just am unable to describe - a flash of light or smoke or something which caused me to feel that something out of the ordinary had occurred there on the embankment...
View Quote Bill Broussard: This is Louisiana, chief! I mean, how do you know who your daddy is? Because your mama told you so? You're way out there, boss, taking a crap in the wind, and I for one am not going along on this ride!
View Quote Guy Bannister: Who'd have ever thought that goofy Oswald kid would pull a stunt like an assassination? Goes to show you can never know about some people. Am I right, Jack? Am I right, Jack? [pause] Well, bless my soul. All these years, I thought you were on my team.
Jack Martin: Are you kidding?
Guy Bannister: I couldn't be more serious, Jack. Your little red eyes have me wondering about your loyalty. Who's been going through my files? You've been looking through my files, you little weasel!
Jack Martin: You're starting to get paranoid. Really!
Guy Bannister: You went through all my files! You're a goddamn spy!
Jack Martin: Why would I want to look through your files? I've seen enough here this summer to write a book.
Guy Bannister: I always lock my files! You're the only one here today. What do you mean, you bastard? You're going to write a book?
Jack Martin: You know what I mean. I've seen a lot of strange things here. Strange people.
[Guy pistol whips Jack]
Guy Bannister: You didn't see a goddamn thing! Not a goddamn thing!
View Quote Jim Garrison: Thank you for your time, David. I'm sorry this has to end inconveniently for you but I am going to have to detain you for further questioning by the FBI.
David Ferrie: Why, what's wrong?
Jim Garrison: David, I find your story simply not believable.
David Ferrie: Really? What part?
View Quote Senator Long: ****ing out of control. All of these hippies running around on drugs. You can't tell a boy from a girl anymore. I saw a girl the other day. Pregnant. You could see her whole belly. You know what she had painted on it? "Love Child." It's a mess down there, Jim. We've bitten off more Vietnam than we can chew. It figures with that polecat Lyndon in the White House.
Jim Garrison: I sometimes think things have gone downhill since Kennedy died.
Senator Long: Don't get me started on that. Those Warren Commission fellows were picking gnat shit out of pepper. Nobody's going to tell me that kid shot like he did from that bookstore.
Jim Garrison: But the FBI test-fired the rifle to see if it could be done.
Senator Long: Three experts and not one of them could do it. They say that Oswald got off three shots with world-class precision from a manual bolt-action rifle in less than six seconds. According to his Marine buddies, he got Maggie's drawers. That means he wasn't any good. Average man would be lucky to shoot twice. And the first would be the best. Here the third shot's perfect. And they got that bullet zigzagging all over the place hitting Kennedy and Connally seven times. One pristine bullet? That dog don't hunt.
Jim Garrison: Something's always bothered me about that from day one. Think other men were involved?
Senator Long: If I was investigating the case, I'd round up 100 of the world's best riflemen and find out which ones were in Dallas that day. You been duck hunting. Oswald's an old-fashioned decoy. What did he say? "I'm just a patsy!" Believe it.
View Quote Liz Garrison: You're the DA of New Orleans. Isn't the Kennedy assassination a bit out of your domain? All those important people studied it.
Jim Garrison: I can't believe a man as intelligent as Earl Warren read those volumes.
Liz Garrison: Maybe you're right. You got an hour to solve the case while I get the kids in bed. Then you're mine. Mr. Kennedy will have to wait until morning.
View Quote Jim Garrison: We are standing in the heart of the US government's intelligence community in New Orleans. That's the FBI. That's the CIA. That's the Secret Service. That's the ONI. Isn't this a strange place for a Communist to spend his spare time?
Lou Ivon: What are you driving at?
Jim Garrison: We're going back into the case. The murder of the President.
Bill Broussard: Lord, wake me. I must be dreaming.
Jim Garrison: You're awake. I'm deadly serious.
View Quote David Ferrie: Hey, Willie. I want you to meet Leon Oswald.
Willie O'Keefe: Hey, man! How you doin'?
Lee Harvey Oswald: What the ****'s he doin' here?
Willie O'Keefe: Well, **** you, mother****er!
David Ferrie: Leon's in a bad mood. Don't get excited.
View Quote David Ferrie: I will kill! In the White House! Stab him in the heart! Somebody must get rid of him!
Willie O'Keefe: You won't get that son of a bitch!
David Ferrie: It won't be long. That ****er will get what he deserves. It could be blamed on Castro, the country will want to invade Cuba. We just need to get him in the open.
Clay Shaw: Always some harebrained scheme. Let's have some more champagne, shall we?
Willie O'Keefe: What about the Secret Service? The cops?
David Ferrie: If it's planned right, no problem. They got close to De Gaulle. Eisenhower always rode in open top. We need three mechanics in three different locations. An office building, a high-powered rifle. Triangulation of crossfire, that's the key. That's the key. A diversionary shot gets the Secret Service looking one way. Boom! Get the kill shot. One man has to be sacrificed. In the commotion, the job gets done. The others leave the country.
Clay Shaw: Let's drop this subject. It's one thing to banter with these kids but this sort of thing could be so easily misunderstood.
View Quote Jim Garrison: The things you said will be attacked by many people.
Willie O'Keefe: Bring them on. Bring their college degrees in here, I got nothing to hide. No one can buy me. I don't even need this parole.
Jim Garrison: What parole?
Willie O'Keefe: You're liberal, you don't know shit 'cause you never been ****ed in the ass. This ain't about justice! No, this is about order! Who rules? Fascism is coming back.
Jim Garrison: Nobody wants to buy you. No one's promising you parole. What I need to know is why are you telling us this.
Willie O'Keefe: 'Cause that mother****er Kennedy stole that mother****ing election, that's why. Nixon was going to be a great President until Kennedy wrecked this country. ****s wanting rights! Why do you think we have all this crime. He promised those mother****ers too much! Revolution's coming, bullshit! Fascism's coming back! The day that Communist son of a bitch died was a great day! A great day for this country. I hate to think they blame it on silly, ****ing Oswald. Didn't know shit, anyway. People got to know. People got to know why he was killed. Because he was a Communist. You go ahead, put me on the stand, I'll tell the same goddamned story! Don't matter to me!
View Quote Bill Broussard: None of their testimony is gonna hold up in court, Chief. Hell all three of them have reputations as low as crocodile piss.
Jim Garrison: That bother you, Bill? I always wonder why it is in court if a woman's a prostitute she has to have bad eyesight. Find Clay Bertrand. Start by checking around the Quarter.
Bill Broussard: The six of us, with almost no budget and in secret will solve a case the Warren Commission couldn't?
Jim Garrison: I didn't pick you for your legal skills.
Bill Broussard: Thanks, boss.
Jim Garrison: You're a fighter. I like a man who's not afraid of bad odds.
View Quote Bill Broussard: I'm lost. What are we saying?
Jim Garrison: That when Oswald went to Russia, he was not a real defector. He was an intelligence agent for our government and remained one till he died.
Bill Broussard: So, because Oswald pulled the trigger the intelligence community murdered the President?
Jim Garrison: I'll go you one better. Maybe Oswald didn't pull the trigger. Nitrate tests indicate he hadn't fired a rifle on November 22. And they didn't bother to see if the rifle'd been fired that day.
Bill Broussard: His palm print was on it.
Jim Garrison: It went to the FBI. FBI didn't find a goddamn thing. It comes back a week later and a Dallas policeman suddenly finds a palm print? It could've been taken at the morgue. There's no chain of evidence.
Al Oser: I can't figure out why he orders a traceable weapon to a P.O. box, when he can go into any store in Texas give a phony name and walk out with an untraceable rifle.
Susie Cox: To frame him, obviously!
Jim Garrison: A lot of smoke, but some fire.
Bill Broussard: We're talking about our government!
Jim Garrison: We're talking about a crime. You must think on a different level, like the CIA does. We're through the looking glass. White is black. And black is white. Maybe Oswald is just what he said he was. A patsy.
View Quote Man at Firing Range: I didn't pay two bits for a target just to have someone else shoot at it!
Lee Harvey Oswald: Hey, I'm sorry buddy- I thought I was, uh, shooting at that son-of-a-bitch Kennedy.
View Quote Jim Garrison: Will you testify, Beverly?
Beverly Oliver: I don't think so.
Bill Broussard: I thought we had an agreement.
Beverly Oliver: I don't want to be another statistic.
Jim Garrison: We could call you in.
Beverly Oliver: If they can kill the President of the United States, you think they'll think twice about a two-bit showgirl like me?
Jim Garrison: I understand the pressure you're under. Don't think that I don't.
View Quote Jack Ruby: Mr. Chief Justice, do you understand that I can't tell the truth in Dallas? There are people here who do not want me to tell the truth. Who don't want me to have a retrial?
Earl Warren: Why don't you just tell us now?
Jack Ruby: My life is in danger! If you request that I go to Washington.... That is, if you want to hear further testimony from me. Can you take me with you?
Earl Warren: No. It can't be done. There would be no safe place for you. We're not law-enforcement officers.
Jack Ruby: There's a great deal at stake in this matter. If I'm eliminated there won't be any way of knowing any bit of truth pertaining to my situation. Consequently, a whole new form of government will take over. And I won't live to see you some other time. I want to tell the truth. And then leave this world.
View Quote Lou Ivon: The Zapruder film establishes three shots in 5.6 seconds. I'm Oswald. Time me.
Bill Broussard: Go.
[Ivon fakes three shots]
Jim Garrison: Time?
Bill Broussard: Between six and seven seconds.
Lou Ivon: Without really aiming. The second and third shots came almost right on top of each other. It takes a minimum of 2.3 seconds to recycle this thing. The other problem is, there was a tree blocking the first two shots when fired in the Zapruder film.
Jim Garrison: Didn't Hoover say something about leaves falling in November?
Lou Ivon: It was Texas live oak, Chief. It sheds its leaves in early March. Take this Carcano, world's worst shoulder weapon and try to hit a moving target at 88 yards through heavy foliage. No way. FBI tried two sets of tests. Not one sharpshooter could match Oswald's performance. Not one. Oswald was at best a medium shot. The scope was defective on it too. This is the whole essence of the case to me. The guy couldn't do the shooting. Nobody could. And they sold this lemon to the American public.
Jim Garrison: The Zapruder film was the proof they didn't count on. We got to get our hands on it.
Bill Broussard: It means we'll have to subpoena Time-Life.
Jim Garrison: Let me ask you something. Why not just shoot Kennedy on Houston? Plenty of time. He's out in the open.
Lou Ivon: I keep asking myself the same thing.
Jim Garrison: Frontal shot. Even if you miss him once, if he accelerates, you get a second shot.
Lou Ivon: The only reason to get him on Elm is you got him in a triangulated crossfire. You put a team there down at the fence. Frontal shot. Flat, low trajectory. Put a third team down in this building on a low floor. When Kennedy gets in the kill zone, it's a turkey shoot.
Jim Garrison: How many men?
Lou Ivon: One shooter. One spotter on a radio. Maybe three teams. These are professional riflemen. Serious people. Hunters. Patient. It takes skill to kill with a rifle. That's why no chief executive's been executed with one in 200 years.
View Quote Jim Garrison: Mr. Shaw, have you ever been a contract agent with the Central Intelligence Agency?
Clay Shaw: And if I was, Mr. Garrison... do you think I would be here today... talking to somebody like you?
Jim Garrison: People like you don't have to.
Clay Shaw: May I go?
Jim Garrison: People like you walk between the raindrops.
Clay Shaw: May I go?
Jim Garrison: Yes.
Clay Shaw: Regardless of what you may think of me, I am a patriot first and foremost. I've spent half my life in the military defending my country.
Jim Garrison: You're the first person I've met who considers it an act of patriotism to kill his own President.
View Quote Liz Garrison: Where you been?
Jim Garrison: I'm sorry, the meeting took much longer than expected.
Liz Garrison: We waited for hours, Jim! You could've telephoned.
Jim Garrison: I can only say I'm sorry. I just don't have rabbits on my mind.
Liz Garrison: You know what I think? You care more about John Kennedy than your own family. All day the kids asked, "Where's Daddy?" What should I tell them?
Jim Garrison: I don't know! The truth! I'm doing my job to make sure they grow up in a country where justice won't be a vanished idea in history books like dinosaurs or Atlantis.
Liz Garrison: It doesn't replace a husband or a father on Easter Sunday.
View Quote Lou Ivon: I guarantee the boss will protect you. He likes you. He likes your mind.
David Ferrie: I just don't know who to trust anymore. I suppose I could use a pot of hot coffee and a few packs of Luckys. So, you got anything new in the investigation?
Jim Garrison: Who are you scared of?
David Ferrie: Everybody. The Agency, mob, Cubans. Follow the Cubans. Check them out. Here. In Miami. Dallas. Check out Eladio del Valle. He used to be my paymaster when I flew missions into Cuba. Somewhere in Miami, you're on the right track. Don't write this down! I ain't cooperating with no one! What's going on here! There's a death warrant for me! Don't you get it? Damn! Wait a minute! You ain't bugged, are you? Son of a bitch, Lou! Are you?
Lou Ivon: Dave, I play it square. No bugs. I'd love you to go on the record, but I'm in no hurry.
David Ferrie: I haven't slept since that shit article come out. Why'd you guys have to go and get me involved in this?
Lou Ivon: Did we involve you? Or did Clay Shaw?
David Ferrie: ****sucking ****. He got me by the balls.
Lou Ivon: What do you mean?
David Ferrie: You know, photographs, compromising stuff. He'll use 'em, too. Agency plays for keeps. I knew Oswald, he was in my Civil Air Patrol unit. I taught him everything. He was a wannabe. Nobody really liked him 'cause they thought he was a snitch. But I treated him good. He talked about his kid he really wanted her to grow up with a chance but
David Ferrie: My neck is killing me. I've had cancer for years. Been working with mice trying to find a cure.
Lou Ivon: Did you ever work for the CIA?
David Ferrie: You make it sound like it's some remote ****ing experience in ancient history. Man, you don't leave the Agency. Once you're in, they got you for life.
Jim Garrison: And Shaw?
David Ferrie: Shaw's an untouchable. Highest clearance. Shaw, Oswald, the Cubans, all Agency.
Jim Garrison: What about Ruby?
David Ferrie: Jack was a pimp. A bagman for the Dallas mob. Ran guns to Castro when he was on our side. Castro was almost with us till we tried to whack him. Everybody keeps flipping sides. It's fun and games.
Lou Ivon: How does the mob figure in this?
David Ferrie: They're Agency too. The CIA and the Mafia worked together for years trying to whack out the beard. There's more to this than you could dream! Check out something called "Operation Mongoose." Government, Pentagon stuff. They're in charge. But who the **** pulls whose chain? Who knows? "Oh, what a deadly web we weave when we practice to deceive."
Jim Garrison: Who killed the President?
David Ferrie: Why don't you ****ing stop it? Shit! This is too big for you, you know that? Who did the President? ****! It's a mystery. It's a mystery wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma! The shooters don't even know! Don't you get it? ****, man! I can't keep talking like this! They'll ****ing kill me! I'll ****ing die! Son of a bitch!
Jim Garrison: It's all right.
David Ferrie: I don't know what happened. ****! All I wanted in the world was to be a Catholic priest. Live in a monastery. Pray. Serve God. I had one terrible ****ing weakness. And they defrocked me! Then I started to lose everything.
Jim Garrison: You'll be okay, Dave. You just talk to us on the record. We'll protect you, I guarantee it.
David Ferrie: They'll get to you too. They'll destroy you. They're untouchable. I'm so ****ing exhausted, I can't see straight.
View Quote Bill Broussard: Frank, you're wasting your time here. Big Jim gave strict orders. No FBI.
FBI Agent Frank: It's you I want to talk to.
Bill Broussard: Boss'd fry me in hog fat if he knew I talked to you.
FBI Agent Frank: Boss's got a problem. Real serious. We know what's going on at your office.
Bill Broussard: I guess you do.
FBI Agent Frank: You got nothing. I'm a friend. You're riding on the Titanic. Time to jump off before you get destroyed, too.
Bill Broussard: Enough!
FBI Agent Frank: We're talking about your career. You're young. You're working on the Castro thing.
Bill Broussard: No, I'm not.
FBI Agent Frank: You are. We know Oswald didn't pull that trigger. Castro did. If it comes out, there'll be a war. Millions of people will die. That's more important than Jim Garrison. Look at me when I talk to you! You're too selfish!
Bill Broussard: Shut up!
FBI Agent Frank: If you got a brain in your thick skull, listen to me. Listen real hard. Get in the car.
View Quote X: Garrison?
Jim Garrison: Yes.
X: I'm glad you came. Sorry about the precautions.
Jim Garrison: I just hope it was worth my while, Mr...?
X: I could give you a false name, but I won't. Just call me "X".
View Quote Jim Garrison: I never realized Kennedy was so dangerous to the establishment. Is that why?
X: Well that's the real question, isn't it? Why? The how and the who is just scenery for the public. Oswald, Ruby, Cuba, the Mafia. Keeps 'em guessing like some kind of parlor game, prevents 'em from asking the most important question, why? Why was Kennedy killed? Who benefited? Who has the power to cover it up? Who?
View Quote Jim Garrison: I don't, I can't... I can't believe they killed him because he wanted to change things. In our time. In our country.
X: Well they've been doing it all through history. Kings are killed, Mr. Garrison, politics is power, nothing more! Oh, don't take my word for it, don't believe me. Do your own work, your own thinking.
Jim Garrison: I can't. The size of this is... beyond me. Testify?
X: Me?
Jim Garrison: Testify.
X: Ha ha. No chance in hell. No, I'd be arrested and gagged, maybe sent to an institution, maybe worse, you too. No, I can give you the background, but you have to find the foreground, the little things. Keep digging. Remember, you're the only person to bring a trial in the murder of John Kennedy. That's important, it's historic.
Jim Garrison: I haven't yet. I don't have much of a case.
X: You don't have a choice anymore. You've become a significant threat to the national security structure. They would have killed you already but you got a lot of light on you. Instead they're trying to destroy your credibility. They already have in many circles in this town. Be honest, your only chance is to come up with a case. Something, anything. Make arrests, stir the shit storm, hope to reach a point of critical mass that'll start a chain reaction of people coming forward, then the government will crack. Remember, fundamentally, people are suckers for the truth - and the truth is on your side, Bubba. I just hope you get a break.
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