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Jeremiah Johnson

Jeremiah Johnson quotes

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View Quote [Jeremiah and Bear Claw hunt elk]
Jeremiah Johnson: Wind's right, but he'll just run soon as we step out of these trees.
Bear Claw Chris Lapp: Trick to it. Step out on this side of your horse.
Jeremiah Johnson: What if he sees our feet?
Bear Claw Chris Lapp: Elk don't know how many feet a horse has! No, you durn fool, slide it up over the saddle.
View Quote [Jeremiah and Caleb find Del Gue buried to his neck in sand]
Jeremiah Johnson: Are you all right?
Del Gue: I got a fine horse under me! [sneezes] Got one of them feathers in my nose.
Jeremiah Johnson: Keep sneezing, it'll come out all right. Haven't seen anyone pass by recent, have you?
Del Gue: Nobody's gone in front of me. Can't say what's happened behind me, though.
Jeremiah Johnson: Indians put you here?
Del Gue: T'weren't Mormons! A chief, name of Mad Wolf. Nice fella, don't talk a hell of a lot. Say, you wouldn't have an extra hat on you, would you? Shade's getting' scarce in these parts.
Jeremiah Johnson: What'd you shave your head for?
Del Gue: Mad Wolf figures like every other Indian I know, says this scalp ain't fit for no decent man's lodgepole. Ain't the first time I've protected my head in such a way. Name's Del Gue, with an "e".
View Quote [Jeremiah and Del have killed the Indians that stole Del's horse and gear]
Del Gue: Don't you want any of these?
Jeremiah Johnson: What?
Del Gue: Scalps!
Jeremiah Johnson: [Shaken by the incident] No.
Del Gue: Well, Mother Gue never raised such a foolish child!
[Pulls his knife and begins scalping the Indians]
View Quote [Jeremiah finds Del Gue buried in the sand]
Jeremiah Johnson: Indians put you here?
Del Gue: Tweren't Mormons! Chief name of Mad Wolf; nice enough fellow, don't talk a hell of a lot.
Jeremiah Johnson: Why'd you shave your head?
Del Gue: Mad wolf, like most Indians I know, figures this scalp ain't fit for no descent man's lodge pole; It's not the first time I've saved my head in such a manner. Name's Del Gue. With an E.
View Quote [Jeremiah has just killed a Crow warrior who has been stalking him]
Del Gue: Is it always like this? One at the time?
Jeremiah Johnson: Yep.
Del Gue: Lucky they were Crow. Apache would have sent fifty at once.
View Quote [Jeremiah is being forced by the Flathead chief to marry an Indian girl]
Jeremiah Johnson: Del Gue, I don't think this is a good idea.
Del Gue: He may be a Christian and read the bible, but he's still an Indian and his rules is his rules. If you value your hair, you will get married! Now, when this is over you can take her to Fort Hawley and sell her, but you best take her my friend. Besides, maybe she ain't near bad.
[after Jeremiah is introduced to The Swan by Two Tongues Lebeaux] Maybe you need her?
Del Gue: You turn this down, and they'll slit you, me, Caleb and the horses from crotch to eyeball with a dull deer antler.