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Jailhouse Rock

Jailhouse Rock quotes

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Vince Everett

View Quote Vince: On the inside, they're Cub Scouts compared to Jack Lease. If you make something, they might steal it from ya. But they'd be too honorable to go around sayin' they made it themselves. So, if they steal from ya, there's only one thing to do. Start your own record company...Certainly, what's the mystery? We can find out the details from a lawyer, or something, and, well, you don't have to own a factory. I found that out. You contract for the pressings.
Peggy: But, you just don't go out and start your own record company just like that!
Vince: Well, why not? It's done every day. We're just as smart as those other birds. Look, I make the decisions now. I can't louse things up any worse than you did!
View Quote Vince: We got an offer for the label, Peg. It's just too good to turn down.
Peggy: An offer? What kind of an offer?
Vince: To sell out to Geneva Records. [raises his hand] Wait a minute. Wait'll you hear the deal. Seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars, a capital gain. That's 225,000 in cold cash for you, after taxes.
Peggy: But, Vince, I don't wanna sell out.
Vince: I'm afraid you got not choice, kid. I own...
Peggy: I know. Sixty percent.
Vince: That's the way the mop flops. You'd think I was tryin' to rob you. After all, you're getting practically a quarter of a million dollars.
Peggy: Dollars? Dollars? Is that the beginning and the end of the world for you? Is there no emotion left in you but the lust for money?
Vince: Emotion? What emotion? It's strictly business between you and me. You said that.
Peggy: I don't care what I said. We started this thing together. We nursed it and brought it up, you and I. It may just be a ledger page to you and Mr. Shores... but to me it's part of my life! Oh, go ahead and sell it! I don't care what you do! [goes away crying]
Vince: [shrugging] Nothin' but a record company.
Hunk: It's not just the record company that's botherin' her.
View Quote Vince: Where's the nearest pawnshop?
Cleaning Woman: Oh, down the street to the right, a couple of blocks. What you gonna do? Buy yourself a diamond ring?
Vince: No. I'm gonna buy a guitar and sing love songs to you.
View Quote Ladies and gentlemen, a little while back, I had a kind of a vacation with a bunch of men in a big place way out yonder. And while I was there, well, these uh, these men, kind of guests, you might say, uh, we'd get together and horse around a little bit and sing and - 'cause we were havin' such a good time. And uh, we always had a lot of fun with this one: 'The Jailhouse Rock'.