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Jailhouse Rock

Jailhouse Rock quotes

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Vince Everett

View Quote Hunk: Don't worry about me, sonny. I'll get along...One flop ain't a man's whole life. How'd you expect me to follow that three ring circus you put on?
Vince: Ah, you couldn't have followed a juggler.
Hunk: Naturally, I haven't got your talent.
Vince: That's right. You haven't. So what are you gonna do?
Hunk: I don't see where that's any of your business.
Vince: Now look, Hunk. I'm gonna be honest with ya. I'm not gonna put the breaks on my career now. I don't want you as part of my troupe. You're not good enough. It's been a long time, Hunk. Music changes every six months. You gotta change with it.
Hunk: I was in show business when you were runnin' around in wet pants and I'll be in it when they can't even remember your name.
Vince: Fine, but not with me.
View Quote Hunk: It's a lesson to remember. Without money, you might as well be dead.
Vince: Yeah.
Hunk: That's all the sympathy you'll get from me. Pity's a commodity. In here, you buy it and sell it just like anything else.
Vince: Hey, what are you, man? Some kind of an animal?
Hunk: That's right, buddy. I'm an animal in a jungle, and I got a motto: 'Do unto others as they would do unto you, only do it first'.
Vince: Yeah. That's right. Do it first.
Hunk: And it's just as bad on the outside. Worse. Remember that.
Vince: I don't aim to forget it.
View Quote Hunk: Trampin' on me is one thing, sonny. [takes off his jacket] Hurtin' a little girl like Peggy is another.
Vince: Now just don't you get no ideas, Hunk.
Hunk: There comes a time when you gotta take a hand in things, and that time is now.
Vince: Don't push me, Hunk.
Hunk: [rolls up his sleeves] I'm gonna beat the hell outta you.
Vince: Don't try it. You're talkin' crazy, man.
Hunk: You know you got it comin', son.
Vince: I said don't try...
[Hunk hits him]
View Quote Hunk: We'd be a natural together, both ex-cons. The publicity would be sensational. Look, you get out in six months. I follow you 12 months later. Whaddya say, boy?
Vince: You mean we sing together?
Hunk: Together or alone, it makes no difference. We hire a couple of other acts - we got our own show. We play the circuit and we roll.
Vince: I don't know anything about how to get any bookings.
Hunk: Let me worry about the business end. Here - I made a contract for us. We split everything right down the middle.
Vince: Hey. How come you're willin' to give me 50% of your earnings? I mean, uh, like you said, you're the one who's got the experience and the name.
Hunk: One simple reason: I got faith in your possibilities. Sure, you're never gonna command the dough I can. But, with training, you'll do all right. Besides, I need a young man to appeal to the kids. I'm levelin' with ya, boy. Alone, son, you'd be like a lamb in a pack of wolves. Go ahead.
[Vince signs]
View Quote Hunk: Well, you made it, huh boy? I've been readin' about it and I feel proud of ya.
Vince: Yeah, I've been lucky so far.
Hunk: Lucky? Talent. I knowed you had it the minute you opened up your mouth. Now you're goin' on the TV.
Vince: You know everythng, don't ya?
Hunk: I feel good. What's your plans for me, boy?
Vince: Well, I ain't exactly got any, Hunk.
Hunk: You got no plans for Hunk, your old partner?
Vince: Well, what do ya want to do?
Hunk: I want a spot on that TV show.
Vince: Times have changed. Styles have changed. You might fall flat on your face, boy.
Hunk: I might get lucky like you, too.
Vince: I tried your style, just like you taught me. Boy, I laid a bomb.
Hunk: But you ain't me.
Vince: Well, I guess I owe you that much, but I don't know how it's gonna work out, Hunk.
View Quote Hunk: You know, I got a spot for you in the show. I'll teach you a new tune.
Vince: I don't know. What's the percentage in singin' for a bunch of cons?
Hunk: Experience, you lunkhead! That's the percentage.
View Quote Hunk: You will never make a guitar player. You got no rhythm in your bones!
Vince: Well, I never heard of anybody payin' money to hear a guitar player.
Hunk: Well, don't pay any attention to me. I was only in the business for 10 years. That's all.
View Quote Jack Lease: Listen, Sonny. You don't own that song. It's a published tune. Anyone can record it.
Vince: You turned it down. You said you didn't like it.
Jack Lease: We simply didn't want to record it with an unknown.
Vince: What about my arrangement?
Jack Lease: So see your lawyer. You can't copyright an arrangement.
Vince: You're a thievin' rat! [goes after him]
Jack Lease: Now you listen to me, sonny.
Vince: [grabs him] Don't "sonny" me, you louse! [slaps him a couple times and throws him back in his chair] Crawl back under your rock, you snake!
View Quote Peggy: [about his singing] I didn't think you were very good, Vince.
Vince: I'm no worse than a lot of 'em.
Peggy: And no better.
Vince: OK, you're used to the top talent. What are you wasting your time working me over for?
Peggy: I like the way you swing a guitar.
[They both laugh]
Vince: Well, I guess I did get a lot of wrist action into it, didn't I? Well, that's all she wrote. My musical career started and ended with one song.
Peggy: I don't know why. Not until you've given yourself every chance.
Vince: But if they won't listen to me, I can't hold a gun on 'em.
Peggy: Did you ever listen to yourself?
Vince: How can I listen to myself when I'm singing?
Peggy: Make a tape recording. Maybe when you hear yourself, you can discover what's wrong.
View Quote Peggy: He has adapted very quickly.
Hunk: Well, there's not much oxygen up there where he is, and a man gets light-headed.
Peggy: Most actors when they become stars go through a brief period of being modest.
Hunk: Not our boy. He became a heel overnight. What are you doing here today, Peg?
Peggy: I guess I like punishment.
View Quote Peggy: Tell me what you see?
Vince: About five-four, weigh 115, pretty well stacked.
Peggy: Well, I'm glad you find me pleasing.
Vince: I don't find you nothin'. I'm a singer.
Peggy: Well, I'm afraid I misunderstood. If you buy me a fresh drink, I'll tell you about the figures.
Vince: Buy your own drink.
View Quote Peggy: Well, you finally got your sensation. I hope you're satisfied.
Vince: Get off my back, kid. I ain't in the mood.
Peggy: You insulted my father, my mother and me and that's just unforgivable!
Vince: Well, what do you expect? I come out, have a little beer, the first thing you know some old broad's pushin' me in the corner with some stupid question.
Peggy: They were just trying to bring you into the conversation.
Vince: They can shelve their conversation. I'm not even sure they were talkin' English.
Peggy: I think I'm gonna just hate you.
Vince: Uh-uh, You ain't gonna hate me. I ain't gonna let you hate me.
[he impulsively grabs her and kisses her]
Peggy: How dare you think such cheap tactics would work with me!
[he aggressively kisses her again]
Vince: That ain't tactics, honey. It's just the beast in me.
View Quote Vince: [long kiss] How's your headache?
Sherry: I'm coming all unglued.
[they continue to kiss]
View Quote Vince: Hey, how'd you know about the record company?
Hunk: Oh, I got to keep up with the activities of a partner.
Peggy: You've got more partners than a square dance.
Hunk: Yeah, I taught the boy plenty.
Peggy: You'll find out just how well you taught him. Good night.
Hunk: [as Peggy left] That's a pretty little thing.
View Quote Vince: I want to introduce you to a new member of the troupe....Laury's a real cool little singer. I'm takin' her to New York with me.
Peggy: Oh! In that case, I don't think I'll go.
Vince: Oh! Were you planning to go? What for?
Peggy: No reason I can think of now.
Vince: Got nothin' to do with the record business.
Peggy: Of course not.
Vince: It's just like you said that night in Joplin - 'You and me, it's strictly business.'
Peggy: Let's keep it that way. Let me know when you want to cut another record, Pard.