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It (1990)

It (1990) quotes

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It / Pennywise

View Quote Alvin Marsh: I worry about you, Bevvie. Sometimes I worry a lot.
View Quote Bev Marsh: “Your hair is winter fire, January embers. My heart burns there, too.”
View Quote Bev Marsh: Why does It hate? Why is It so mean?
View Quote Eddie Kaspbrak: I believe in Santa Claus. I believe in the Easter Bunny. I believe in the Tooth Fairy. But I don't believe in you. This is battery acid. Now, you disappear!
View Quote Henry Bowers: Hello ****. I'm here to pay you back. I'll pay you all back.
View Quote Mike: There's something terribly wrong here in Derry, and you know it!
View Quote Richie Tozier: Listen, kids. This campfire stuff is fun, it really is, but it doesn't matter how painstakingly we go over these sewer plans or how many damn flashlights or helmets you've got in that box. When the sun comes up, I'm dust, and I would suggest that you follow me and get the hell out of Dodge!
View Quote Bill: [reading a paper] He th-th-thrusts hi-his fists...
Ben: [takes the paper] "He thrusts his fists against the posts and still insists he sees the ghosts." That's all it says, over and over.
Bill: [stuttering heavily] My m-m-m-om g-gave me that to to to... sttttt! to help with my st-st-st-stutter!
Richie: No offense pal, it ain't workin'.
[Bill looks at him, and Richie blows him a kiss]
View Quote Bill: Audra, my brother who died...
Audra: Yes, George?
Bill: He didn't just die. He was m-murdered.
Audra: Why didn't you ever...?
Bill: Tell you? Because I forgot. Almost like it never happened. I know that this doesn't make any sense, but I have to go.
Audra: But why?
Bill: Because we made a pr-promise.
Audra: Why are you stuttering like that?
Bill: I don't know. I used to stutter all the time when I was a kid.
View Quote Bill: Swear to me. Swear to me that if it isn't dead, we'll all come back.
Bev: I swear.
Ben: Swear.
Mike: I swear it.
Richie: I swear.
Eddie: I swear, too.
Stan: Swear.
View Quote Eddie: What are we gonna do?
Stan: Do? What do you mean "do"? I just want to forget about it.
Bev: It's not just us, it's all the other kids too. Like Velma Daniels, she was in my class. Who's gonna be next?
Bill: B-Bev's right, we gotta do something.
Ben: We gotta tell somebody.
Bev: They don't see what we see.
Eddie: Why?
Bill: When you grow up, you stop believing.
Richie: They'd just laugh their heads off and put us in a nuthatch.
Ben: It kills kids. Damn it.
Bev: We've gotta do something.
Bill: [after a long pause] Help me. You killed my brother George, you bastard! Let's see you now. Let's see you now. It's scared of us you know? I can feel that. I swear to God I can. I-I wanna kill it. Help me. Please help me. Help!
[the rest of the Losers embrace Bill in their circle]
View Quote Jean: Nobody's ever gonna say a single word a sister of mine is on well fair. So, you're welcome as long as you need to stay. But I have to say you're spoiling the boy, Arlene, who needs a firm hand: Discipline.
View Quote Mike: ...If you want to see Henry Bowers, you'll find him up at Juniper Hills.
Bev: Ever since the trial where he confessed to all the murders of all the children.
Ben: He was down there with us, down there in the sewer.
Richie: That creep was going to kill Stan.
Eddie: He was going to kill us all.
Bill: I remember when they pulled him out, his hair had turned white...
Ben: He was babbling about a bright light...
Bev: ...and a clown.
Mike: And no one believed him.
Bill: Except when he said that he murdered all the kids.
View Quote Mike: My dad says there's no way to date this one. He says it's probably from the early or mid-1700s when Derry was a logging town.
Bill: Hold it. P-P-P-Pennywise the Clown?
Richie: That's him. That's him!
Ben: 200 years ago? He was here then?
Stan: Come on, it's just a drawing!
Mike: Now, look; Here he is again. The same man.
Bev: It's not a man.
Bill: It... IT! [the scrapbook begins flapping] Th-That's what happened back in Georgie's room. [the scrapbook stops at a page and the picture comes to life. The kids see It/Pennywise dancing] Look!
[It/Pennywise spots the children, growls and climbs up to a lamppost to scare them]
Pennywise: I'll kill you all! [laughs] I'll drive you crazy, and I'll kill you all! I'm every nightmare you've ever had! I'm your worst dream come true! I'M EVERYTHING YOU EVER WERE AFRAID OF!
Stan: [grabs the book and throws it] NO!
Everyone else: YES!
Bill: Don't let it get to you, man.
Ben: You saw it, too.
Stan: I didn't want to...
Bill: But you did.
Stan: ...Yes. Okay. If that's what you want... Yes.
Bill: Yes, that's what I wanted, you t-turkey.
View Quote Mike: Thanks.
Stan: Any time.
Mike: Who are you guys anyway?
Eddie: We're sort of a club.
Bev: Yeah, the Losers Club.
Richie: Yeah.
Bill: You w-want in?
Mike: Yeah. Yeah, I do.