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Dr. Moreau: Mr. Douglas, first of all, for the sake of propriety, I'd like to present my children.
Waggdi: [stands] Hello, I am Waggdi. [sits back down]
Azazello: [stands] How do you do, sir. I'm Azazello. [sits back down]
M'Ling: [stands] My name is M'Ling. [sits back down]
Dr. Moreau: You've already met my beautiful daughter Aissa. Majai do present yourself, please.
[Majai gets up from his seat, walks over to Edward, and holds out his hand]
Dr. Moreau: He means you no harm, Mr. Douglas. He's just trying to be polite. He just wants to shake your hand.
[Edward shakes Majai's hand. Majai goes back to his seat]
Dr. Moreau: [to Edward] Thank you.
Edward Douglas: This is the most... outrageous spectacle I have ever witnessed. Look at yourself!
Dr. Moreau: I understand that I must be shocking to you. However, I must also point out, that I have an allergy to the sun, and that's why I've put this medication on.
Edward Douglas: Look at these people! [pause. Pointing to Majai] Look at him!
Dr. Moreau: Mr. Douglas. I don't think that I have the intellectual ability to condense seventeen years of study and experiment into... seventeen minutes of explanation. For the moment, you will have to suffice to say that the... people that you witness before, living under my care and protection, are animals that have been fused with human genes. In the corse of a series of scientific studies designed by myself.
Edward Douglas: Well, has it ever accord to you, you might have totally lost your mind? I mean, this is just satanic.
Dr. Moreau: Judge not, Mr. Douglas, that ye be not judge. For by these judgements, shall ye also be judge, and let he who have not sin cast the first stone.
Edward Douglas: There is no peace, saith the Lord, unto the wicked.

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