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Island of Dr. Moreau, The (1996)

Island of Dr. Moreau, The (1996) quotes

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Dr. Moreau
Edward Douglas
Sayer of the Law

View Quote Dr. Moreau: Mr. Douglas, first of all, for the sake of propriety, I'd like to present my children.
Waggdi: [stands] Hello, I am Waggdi. [sits back down]
Azazello: [stands] How do you do, sir. I'm Azazello. [sits back down]
M'Ling: [stands] My name is M'Ling. [sits back down]
Dr. Moreau: You've already met my beautiful daughter Aissa. Majai do present yourself, please.
[Majai gets up from his seat, walks over to Edward, and holds out his hand]
Dr. Moreau: He means you no harm, Mr. Douglas. He's just trying to be polite. He just wants to shake your hand.
[Edward shakes Majai's hand. Majai goes back to his seat]
Dr. Moreau: [to Edward] Thank you.
Edward Douglas: This is the most... outrageous spectacle I have ever witnessed. Look at yourself!
Dr. Moreau: I understand that I must be shocking to you. However, I must also point out, that I have an allergy to the sun, and that's why I've put this medication on.
Edward Douglas: Look at these people! [pause. Pointing to Majai] Look at him!
Dr. Moreau: Mr. Douglas. I don't think that I have the intellectual ability to condense seventeen years of study and experiment into... seventeen minutes of explanation. For the moment, you will have to suffice to say that the... people that you witness before, living under my care and protection, are animals that have been fused with human genes. In the corse of a series of scientific studies designed by myself.
Edward Douglas: Well, has it ever accord to you, you might have totally lost your mind? I mean, this is just satanic.
Dr. Moreau: Judge not, Mr. Douglas, that ye be not judge. For by these judgements, shall ye also be judge, and let he who have not sin cast the first stone.
Edward Douglas: There is no peace, saith the Lord, unto the wicked.
View Quote Dr. Moreau: Well, Mr. Douglas, very good of you to join us. Please tell me, is the Devil still pursuing you?
[Moreau and Montgomery chuckle]
Edward Douglas: Well, perhaps you could explain to me what you mean by the Devil? You seem to be on terms with him.
Dr. Moreau: Well, permit me, Mr. Douglas, to tell you something of the Devil as I've come to know him. The Devil is that element in human nature that impels us to destroy and debase.
Edward Douglas: And what are you about upon this island but destruction and debasement?
Dr. Moreau: Oh well, I can tell you very plainly...
[Majai interrupts by putting his foot on the dinner table to which Dr.Moreau reacts]
Dr. Moreau: No please, don't do that.
[Majai removes foot from table]
Dr. Moreau: For seventeen years, I have been striving to create... some measure of refinement in the human species, you see. And it is here, on this very island, that I sir, have found the very essence of the Devil.
Edward Douglas: What do you mean?
Dr. Moreau: I have seen the Devil, in my microscope, and I have chained him, and I suppose you could say in a sense metaphorically speaking, I have cut him to pieces. The Devil, Mr. Douglas, I've found is nothing more than a tiresome collection of genes, and it is with great assurance that I can tell you, that Lucifer, Son of the Morning, is no more.
View Quote Edward Douglas: Are you a doctor?
Montgomery: Well, I'm more of a vet.
View Quote Hyena-Swine: Five-man... please... tell them... that I am God. Hmm?
[Hyena-Swine presses a button on Moreau's remote, causing many Beast People to collapse in pain]
Edward Douglas: You're right. You are... a god.
Sayer of the Law: No!
Hyena-Swine: Again.
Edward Douglas: You are a god. You're all gods.
Hyena-Swine: Tell them to obey me like they did the Father.
Edward Douglas: You all killed the Father. You all ate his flesh. So who is the new Father? Who is God Number One? Who should they obey? Him? Or him? [indicating other members of Hyena-Swine's pack] You see, there must be a God Number One.
[the Hyena-Swine roars in Douglas's face, then rears up and opens fire on his pack members]
View Quote Hyena-Swine: Tell me. Why you make the pain, if we are your children?
Dr. Moreau: Uh... you see, you are my children, but law is necessary.
Hyena-Swine: If there is no more pain. [looks at his other associates, turns back to Moreau] Then is there no more law, hm?
Dr. Moreau: There is always law.
View Quote Hyena-Swine: Tell them... that I am the Law.
Sayer of the Law: Do not believe him! He is not the Law!
About The Island of Dr. Moreau (1996 film)[edit]
View Quote Montgomery: Well, things didn't work out. Moreau wanted to turn animals into humans and humans into gods. But it's instinct and reason, instinct and reason. What's reason to a dog?
Azazello: To hunt. To kill, master. To run with the pack.
Montgomery: I wanna go to Dog Heaven!
[Azazello shoots Montgomery]
View Quote [After Douglas offers to find a way to stop the regression to animals] No. No more scientists, no more laboratories, no more experiments. I thought you would be able to understand that. We have to be what we are, not what the Father tried to make us. To go on two legs... is very hard. Perhaps four is better, anyway.
View Quote [On Dr. Moreau] Animal rights activists drove him out of the States. Got so bad, you couldn't cage a rat without reading him his rights.
View Quote [When Edward attempts to use a radio for help] Who do you think you're going to call, hmm? What are you going to say when you get someone on the horn? "Mayday, mayday, I'm being held by a pig lady"?
View Quote I have almost achieved perfection you see, of a divine creature that is pure, harmonious, absolutely incapable of malice. And if in my tinkering I have fallen short of the human form by the snout, claw or hoof, it really is of no great importance. I am closer that you could possibly imagine sir.
View Quote It is a hard way, the way of being a man. Sooner or later we all want a thing that is bad. To walk on all fours. To suck up drink from a stream. To jabber, instead of saying the words. To go snuffling at the earth, and to claw on the bark of trees. To eat flesh, or fish. To make love to more than one, every which way. These are all bad things. These are not the things that men do. But we are men, are we not? We are men because the Father has made us men!
View Quote NOW I... AM THE LAW! [Hyena-Swine proceeds to kill Dr. Moreau when he attempts to escape]
View Quote Tell me, why you make the pain, if we are your children.
View Quote There is no pain, there is no law!