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Alex: Is there a library or bookstore around here where I can get books on hunting and preserving?
Wayne: Anything at all to do with hunting or preserving the meat, smoking it, whatever the hell it is, talk to Kevin over there. That's your man. [Kevin gets slapped by a woman] Outdoorsman? What's your fascination with all that stuff?
Alex: I'm going to Alaska.
Wayne: Alaska, Alaska? Or city Alaska? Because they do have markets in Alaska. The city of Alaska. Not in Alaska, in the city of Alaska, they have markets.
Alex: No, man. Alaska, Alaska! I'm gonna be all the way out there, all the way ****ing out there. Just on my own. You know, no ****ing watch, no map, no ax, no nothing. No nothing. Just be out there. Just be out there in it. You know, big mountains, rivers, sky, game. Just be out there in it, you know? In the wild.
Wayne: In the wild.
Alex: Just wild.
Wayne: Yeah.
Alex: Just...
Wayne: What are you doing when we're there? Now, you're in the wild, what are we doing?
Alex: You're just- you're just living, man. You're just there, in that moment, in that special place and time.
Wayne: Yeah.
Alex: Maybe when I get back, I can write a book about my travels.
Wayne: Why not?
Alex: You know, about getting out of this sick society. Society!
Wayne: [coughs] Society!
Alex: Society, man!
Wayne: Society!
Alex: Society! Society!
Wayne: Society!
Alex: Society, you know! Society! 'Cause you know what I don't understand? I don't understand why people, why every ****ing person is so bad to each other so ****ing often. It doesn't make sense to me. Judgment. Control. All that, the whole spectrum. Well, it just...
Wayne: What people we talking about?
Alex: You know... parents, hypocrites, politicians, pricks.
Wayne: [points to Chris' head] This is a mistake. It's a mistake to get too deep into all that kind of stuff. Alex, you're a hell of a young guy, a hell of a young guy. But I promise you this. You're a young guy. Can't be juggling blood and fire all the time!

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