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Inspector Gadget: Go Go Gadgetmobile?
Gadgetmobile: Good morning, Riverton. Hey, who's in the car? I work alone. Before we hit the road, I got to tell you something: "Duck!"
Inspector Gadget: I don't think the car likes me.
Gadgetmobile: Who're you calling "car"? I'm a crime-fighting machine. Watch this. Back turn! Ain't you fallin' out yet?
Inspector Gadget: No, sir, I haven't.
Gadgetmobile: Who are you, rookie?
Inspector Gadget: I'm Officer John Brown, and you're exceeding the speed limit.
Gadgetmobile: Speed limits are for cars, not the Gadgetmobile!
Inspector Gadget: Are you? Are you talking to me?
Gadgetmobile: Speaking of breaking the law, who's not wearing a seat belt? You gotta wear this seat belts, baby. It's a Disney movie. Now, I'm going to find some crime. More back turns!
Inspector Gadget: Can you slow down, please? I get carsick.
Gadgetmobile: You know what makes people sick: a rookie who thinks he's good enough for Dr. B.
Inspector Gadget: Not that is any of your business, but what makes you think I was putting the moves on Dr. Bradford?
Gadgetmobile: Hey, I got hit scissors, and I know what you're think when Dr. B. gave you that smile. Look here, come clean with me. I'm gonna bounce you right outta here.
Inspector Gadget: I can assure you my interest on Dr. Bradford is professional.
Gadgetmobile: Professional, huh? Well, good. Keep it that way and that's an order. You got it?
Inspector Gadget: Uh, I'm the inspector, you're the car.
Gadgetmobile: I'll tell you what you are. You're...
(Inspector Gadget hits Gadgetmobile)
Gadgetmobile: Don't make me hook up on you.
Inspector Gadget: Is there an off button or something? Mute. (paintball hits a man) Sorry, sir.
Gadgetmobile: Don't push my buttons when I'm reading the manual.

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