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Col. Hans Landa: Now, my job dictates that I must have my men enter your home and conduct a thorough search before I can officially cross your family's name off my list, and if there are any irregularities to be found, rest assured they will be — that is, unless you have something to tell me that makes the conducting of a search unnecessary. I might add, also, that any information that makes the performance of my duties easier will not be met with punishment. Actually, quite the contrary, it will be met with reward, and that reward will be your family will cease to be harassed in any way by the German military during the rest of our occupation of your country. [stares hard at LaPadite] You are sheltering enemies of the state, are you not?
Perrier LaPadite: Yes.
Landa: You're sheltering them underneath your floorboards, aren't you?
LaPadite: [crying] Yes.
Landa: Point out to me the areas where they are hiding. [LaPadite points.] Since I haven't heard any disturbance, I assume that while they're listening, they don't speak English.
LaPadite: Yes.
Landa: I'm going to switch back to French now. I want you to follow my masquerade. Is that clear?
LaPadite: Yes.
Landa: [in French] Monsieur LaPadite, I thank you for the milk and your hospitality. I do believe our business here is done. [opens the door and lets SS soldiers in] Ah, ladies. I thank you for your time. We shan't be bothering your family any longer. So, Monsieur, Mademoiselle, I bid farewell to you and say: adieu! [The soldiers shoot up the floorboards]

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