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Incredibles 2

Incredibles 2 quotes

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View Quote Bob: [on the phone] Lucius, Bob. Helen's in trouble. I need someone to watch the kids. Suit up! It might get weird.
Lucius: I'll be there, ASAP.
Honey: [from off-screen] Where are you going "ASAP"?! You better be back "ASAP", and leaving that suit!
View Quote Dash: [as Bob helps him with his math] That's... not the way you're supposed to do it, Dad. [turns his book around] They want us to do it this...
Bob: I don't know that way! Why would they change math?
Dash: [as Bob talks over him] I think it's okay, Dad...
Bob: Math is math. [sternly] Math is math.
View Quote [A light turns on and Rick sits down and straightens some papers]
Rick: File 82-712. Agent Rick Dicker interrogating. State your name please.
Tony: Uh, Tony. Tony Rydinger.
Rick: Tell me about the incident.
Tony: Well, there’s this girl. In my class. I saw her at the track meet. I sort of knew her but she changed. Relaxed. She was more sure of herself. Cool. Cute. I asked her out to a movie. And I went to watch the track meet. Not long after, this thing happened in the parking lot. As if things weren’t weird enough I’d look over and I see these... boots. They looked like superheroes! I see my chance to get out of there. But there’s something familiar about one of the kids’ voices. The girl, she’s upset, she throws down her mask, and it's her! It was just getting too freaky. I couldn’t handle it and ran off. I feel kind of bad about it. Maybe I should have said, “Hi” or something? It’s not her fault superheroes are illegal. [While he says this, Dicker gets up from his chair] And it’s not like I don’t like strong girls. I’m pretty secure. Manhood.. wise. [looks up at strange device] What is that?
Rick: Have you told anyone else about this? Your parents?
Tony: No, they’d think I was hiding something. You know what I mean?
Rick: Sure, kid.
Tony: I like this girl, Mr. Dicker. I’m supposed to go out with her Friday night, now things are just gonna be weird. [Rick turns on a red laser.] I wish I could forget I ever saw her in that suit.
Rick: You will, kid. [a suction-cup from the device suddenly attaches itself to Tony's head, wiping his memory] You will.
View Quote [As Jack-Jack rages in Edna's room]
Bob: "Combustion imminent"? What does that mean?
[Jack-Jack explodes in flames]
Edna: It means "fire", Robert.
View Quote [Helen wakes up in a subzero computer room, strapped to a chair. She's trying to remove the hypno-goggles from her face but she is tied up to a chair and unable to use her power, due to the temperature].
Evelyn: [outside from a glass wall] I would resist the temptation to stretch. The temperature around you is well below freezing. Try to stretch and you'll break.
Helen: So, you're the Screenslaver.
Evelyn: Yes... and no. Let's say that I created the character and pre-recorded the messages.
Helen: Does Winston know?
Evelyn: [laughs] That I'm the Screenslaver? Of course not. Can you imagine what Mr. Free Enterprise would do with my hypnotic technology?
Helen: Worse than what you're doing?
Evelyn: Hey, I'm using the technology to destroy people's trust in it. Like I'm using superheroes.
Helen: Who did I put in jail?
Evelyn: Pizza delivery guy. Seemed the right height and build. He gave you a pretty good fight. I should say, I gave you a good fight through him.
Helen: But it doesn't bother you that an innocent man's in jail?!
Evelyn: Eh, he was surly, and the pizza was cold.
Helen: I counted on you.
Evelyn: [chuckles] That's why you failed.
Helen: What?
Evelyn: Why would you count on me? Because I built you a bike? Because my brother knows the words of your theme song? We don't know each other!
Helen: But you can count on me anyway!
Evelyn: I'm supposed to, aren't I? Because you have some strange abilities and a shiny costume, the rest of us are supposed to put our lives into your gloved hands. That's what my father believed. When our home was broken into, my mother wanted to hide. Begged my father to use the safe room, but Father insisted they call his superhero friends. He died — pointlessly, stupidly — waiting for heroes to save the day.
Helen: But why would you...? Your brother...
Evelyn: [furiously] a child! He remembers the time when we had parents and superheroes! So, like a child, Winston conflates the two. Mommy and Daddy went away because Supers went away. Our sweet parents were fools to put their lives in anybody else's hands! Superheroes keep us weak!
Helen: Are you gonna kill me?
Evelyn: Nah. [smiles smugly] Using you is better. You're going to help me make Supers illegal forever.
[with a remote control, she turns on the hypno-goggles and puts Helen under her control]
View Quote [Helen, in a new super suit, and Bob step into the garage. Bob is holding Jack-Jack. They see a red motorcycle].
Helen: Wow! A new Elasticycle!
Bob: "Elasticycle"? I didn't know you had a bike.
Helen: Hey, I had a mohawk. There's a lot about me you don't know.
Bob: Yeah, but-- A mohawk?
Helen: Ah, you didn't miss anything. [Sits on the bike and turns it on] Oh, yeah! This one's electric!
Bob: What's that mean?
Helen: [starts to circle around the garage with the bike and bumping into the wall] Means it's... torque-y. I'll get the hang of it.
Bob: You will be great.
Helen: I will be great. And you will too.
Bob: We will both be great. [opens the door]
Helen: [as she rides away] Bye, sweetie!
View Quote [Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl and Frozone sitting on a couch inside a screening room. Winston Deavor standing before them]
Winston: Let me ask you something. What is the main reason you were all forced underground?
Bob: Ignorance.
Winston: Perception. [Walks to the screen as it shows several footages] Take today, for example, with the Underminer. Difficult situation, you were faced with a lot of hard decisions.
Bob: Ugh, tell me about it.
Winston: I can't. Because I didn't see it. Neither did anyone else, so when you fight bad guys, like today, people don't see the fight or what led up to it. They see what politicians tell them to see. They see destruction, and they see you. So if we want to change people's perceptions about superheroes, we need you to share your perceptions with the world.
Helen: How do we do that?
Evelyn: With cameras.
[She clicks a button on her remote and footage of Winston appears on the screen in several images from different angles]
Winston: [from the footage] We need you to share your perceptions with the world.
Helen: [from the footage] How do we do that?
Evelyn: We embed tiny cameras, like those, into your supersuits.
[Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, and Frozone looks at the mini-camera on their access card as they appear on the screen].
Helen: [impressed] Wow! So small, and the picture is outstanding!
Evelyn: Thanks. Designed 'em myself.
Winston: We've got resources, lobbyists, world wide connections, and, very important, insurance.
Bob: Insurance is key.
Winston: All we need now are the superest superheros. It means you three. Come on! Help me make all Supers legal again!
Bob: [stands up with excitement] This sounds GREAT! Let's get this goin'! What's my first assignment?
Winston: [sits down Mr. Incredible, gently] That enthusiasm is golden. Hold on to it, but to our first move, well... [turns to Helen] Elastigirl is our best play.
Bob: [surprised] Better than me? [Helen clears her throat, glaring at her husband with a strict look] I mean, she's good. She's, uh... really a credit to her, but uh... you know? You know?
Winston: With great respect, let's not test the whole "insurance will pay for everything" idea on the first go-round, okay?
[Elastigirl and Frozone chuckle softly].
Bob: W-wait a minute! You're saying what? I'm... messy?
Winston: [hands Bob a dossier] Well, Evelyn did a cost-benefit analysis, comparing all your last five years crime-fighting before going underground. Elastigirl's numbers are self-explanatory.
Bob: Well, it's not a fair comparison. "Heavyweight problems need heavyweight solutions".
Winston: Of course, we're gonna solve all kind of problems together, after the perfect launch with Elastigirl!
Evelyn: So, what do you say?
Helen: What do I say? [chuckles nervously] I... don't know.
[Bob is laying on the bed in a motel room, wearing pajamas]
Bob: [to Helen] What do you mean you "don't know"? A few hours ago, you were saying it was over and being a superhero was a fantasy. Now you get the offer of a lifetime and you don't know?
Helen: [in the bathroom, while brushing her teeth] It's not that simple, Bob. I wanna protect the kids.
Bob: So do I.
Helen: From jail, Bob!
Bob: And how do you do that? By turning down a chance to change the law that forced them to hide what they are?
Helen: [walks to the bed and lays down] They haven't decided what they are. They're still kids.
Bob: Kids with powers, which makes them Supers. Whether they decide to use those powers or not, this will benefit them.
Helen: Look, it's not a good time to be away. Dash is having trouble with homework. Vi's worried about her first date with that boy she likes, Tony. And Jack-Jack...
Bob: Jack-Jack? What's wrong with him?
Helen: Okay, nothing's wrong with Jack-Jack. But even a normal baby needs a lot of attention. I'm just not sure I can leave.
Bob: Of course, you can leave. You've got to, so that I — we can be Supers again. So our kids can have that choice.
Helen: [chuckles] So you can have that choice?
Bob: [angrily] All right, yes! So I can have that choice, and I would do a GREAT JOB! Regardless of what Deavor's pie charts say! [Sighs] But they want you. [With a deep breath] And you'll do... a great... job. Too.
Helen: [sarcastically] That was excruciating to watch. [Bob chuckles] I can't lie to you. It's nice to be wanted. Flattering, you know? But...
Bob: What's the choice? One: do this right, get well paid, we're out of the motel, and things get better for all Supers, including our kids. Or two: I find a job in two weeks or we're homeless.
Helen: [sighs] You know it's crazy, right? To help my family, I gotta leave it. To fix the law, I gotta break it.
Bob: You'll be great.
Helen: I know I will. But what about you? We have kids.
Bob: I'll watch the kids, no problem. Easy.
Helen: Easy, huh? You're adorable. Well, if there is a problem, I'll drop this thing and come right back.
Bob: You won't need to. I've got it. You go, do this thing! [Lays down] Do it so... [Under his breath] I can do it better. [Helen hits his face with a pillow]
[In Winston Deavor's office the phone is ringing. He picks it up].
Winston: Deavor here.
Helen: This is Elastigirl. I'm in.
View Quote [The supers saved the city from being crashed by the ship and Evelyn is arrested for her crimes]
Evelyn: The fact that you saved me doesn't make you right. [the police officer puts her in the car]
Helen: But it does make you alive.
Winston: And I'm grateful for that.
Helen: I'm sorry, but she'll go to prison.
Violet: Well, I'm sorry she's rich and will probably get no more than a slap on the wrist.
Winston: First of all, Violet, I like you. And who knows what the future will bring, but I have a good feeling about all of you.
Lucius: Hmm, "good feeling". Should we be worried? [Bob chuckles]
Helen: You guys get the next shift. I'm beat. [picks up Jack-Jack and walks off]