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Idle Hands

Idle Hands quotes

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Anton Tobias
The Hand

View Quote Anton: [after cutting his hand off] Where did it go?
Pnub: What, you mean the hand?
Anton: Of course I mean the hand!
Pnub: Try looking up your ass.
View Quote Anton: [hears moaning coming from Mick's grave] Mick?
Mick: Over here. Anton, help me. Come on, man, I can't breathe down here. Anton? Anton, can you hear me?
Anton: [kneels and leans over Mick's grave] Mick?
Mick: Yeah man, it's Mick.
Anton: You're dead!
Mick: No I'm not! You conked me on the head pretty good. I must've been unconcious.
Anton: You think?
Mick: I know ****er, now dig me up!
View Quote Anton: ****ing little hand I got you now.[The hand is in a puppet disguise. He sneaks behind Anton's shoulder]
The Hand: I'm your little daddy now...BITCH!!! [Anton and the hand fight] You should learn NOT to cut off the hand that feeds you Anton!!! AND NOW ANTON..YOU DIE!!!! [Anton punches the Hand who is still in the puppet outfit, then pins him to the floor.] EAT THIS BITCH!!! [Anton grabs him as he is about to deliver a striking blow]
Anton: Who's you daddy now Bitch?
The Hand: I'M GONNA **** YOU UP!!!
View Quote Anton: Hey, I didn't kill anyone on purpose, okay?
Mick: Yeah, well, we weren't in hell! I mean, there was this bright white light at the end of a long tunnel, right, and there was these chicks' voices, and that music...
Anton: Music?
Pnub: Yeah, kinda uncool music, like, Enya. And these chicks' voices, they were saying, "come to us, come towards the light".
Anton: So what happened?
Mick: We figured, **** it, I mean, it was really far!
View Quote Dad Tobias: [after seeing the message on the ceiling] It's just a prank. [clicks off flashlight] Anton.
Mom Tobias: Anton? Our little scooter would never do something like that!
Dad Tobias: Quit calling him that baby name. Anton would not scoot his behind off the couch if the house was on fire!
View Quote Dexter Holland: [kicking Anton off the stage at the Concert]Get out of here kid. You had your fun, now it's time...
The Hand: TIME TO DIE BITCH!!!!!! [As the crowd screams, the Hand continues] You're all my bitches now!!
View Quote [Last lines]
Mick: Hey, you were right. Anton does scream like a girl!
Pnub: You think we should tell him that we put that writing on the ceiling?
Mick: **** it!
Pnub: Hey, let's go walk through a nurse!
Mick: Okay, watch it. Some of them are guys.
[After the Post Credits Roll, the Hand speaks]"
The Hand: Anton, I'll be back...We all go a little crazy sometimes. Just don't look under the bed..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
View Quote I'm gonna kill you real slow Anton....[his eyes roll in the back of his head] Oh Shit! [The Hand falls out of the puppet outfit and to the ground]
View Quote Come out, come out, wherever you are. [Molly stands on top of the diving board, The hand grabs her foot] GOTCHA! Come to Daddy...bitch! [As she hangs off the side of the dive board, a portal opens up] NOW, YOU WILL BE MY NIGHTMARE HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!
View Quote Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today because you're all dead... and it's all my fault. Mom, Dad, you fed me, kept a roof over my head until I killed you. Which I guess doesn't make me a very good son. But, I'm gonna try to change. [hand twitches] Mick, Pnub I'll never forget all those times we sat around, watched TV and got really, really stoned. And all those other times we just... well I guess that's all we did. [picks flowers from garden and throws them over the 'graves'] Amen.
View Quote I'm in the mood for some SERIOUS Killing.
View Quote You forgot where ya came from kid..but I know where you're going.
View Quote [Alternate Ending as he traps Molly in the swimming pool] Now little piggie, where are you?
View Quote [As he's about to kill Tanya] WELCOME TO MY WORLD...BITCH!!!!
View Quote [Before his death, The hand prepares to attack Anton one last time] DIE YOU ****ER!!! [Debi throws the dagger towards the hand striking it dead.] SHIT!!!! [The Hand dies]