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Buck: No worries, because I've got a plan.
Manny: Really, to stop an asteroid?
Buck: [shows the tablets on the prophecy] Look, the last two asteroids have pummeled the earth in the same spot, and it's about to happen again. We've got to go there and see what's attracting the asteroid. Once we know why it's coming, we can figure out how to send it somewhere else.
Granny: That plan is so dumb, I wish it had a face so I could smack it.
Manny: Let me get this straight: instead of running away from a deadly asteroid, you want us to run directly towards it.
Buck: I know it sounds suboptimal. But the good news is, it'll kill us no matter where we went!
Diego: Well, that's reassuring.
Manny: Okay. Even if we get to the crash site, how are we supposed to change what is literally written in stone?
Buck: Ah, my cynical friend, the dinos were wiped off the face of the Earth, but some escaped. They changed their fate and we can change ours, too! Who's with me?! [the Herd all look at each other, then quickly huddle in]
Manny: So what do you think?
Ellie: Honestly, I'm worried the weasel's right.
Buck: [dressed up with a leaf hat, nicking a lady's voice] No, don't listen to the weasel. He's a raving loon! [everyone just stares at Buck severely, and he laughs] Sorry, I just love playing devil's advocate. [singsong] And looking fabulous!!
Diego: Well, Buck has saved our lives before, right?
Shira: But what if he can't this time?
Peaches: I don't know what to believe, but I'm afraid our lives will be over before they begin.
[They break up]
Manny: Okay...I guess we're in.
Crash and Eddie: [salute] Crash and Eddie reporting for duty!
Eddie: Haha! "Dooty". [he and Crash laugh]
Buck: Excellent!

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