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Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas

Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas quotes

16 total quotes

View Quote Diego: [to Manny, who's singing "O Christmas Rock"] You know you're singing to a rock, right?
Manny: Don't sabers have Christmas traditions?
View Quote Manny: [picking Sid up by the collar with his trunk and putting him away from the Christmas rock] Step away from the stone!
Sid: Why? [runs back over to the rock, only for Manny to take him away from it again]
Manny: You'll break it!
Ellie: [laughing] Sid can't break a rock!
Diego: Don't tempt him.
View Quote Peaches: [after accidentally knocking over her parents while having a snowball fight with Crash and Eddie] Sorry, Dad!
View Quote Peaches: [grabbing Sid by the neck with her trunk before he falls off the cliff again; referring to Prancer] The reindeer comes with us.
View Quote Peaches: [having a snowball fight with Crash and Eddie] You guys need to chill out! [sucks up a big snowball with her trunk and shoots it out at Crash and Eddie, who gasp and get run over by it; Peaches then blows the end of her trunk]
View Quote Peaches: [sighs frustratedly] Maybe we should just follow the northern lights! [points at the lights with her trunk] North. Get it?
View Quote Peaches: [slides over to an elf sloth] Hit it!
Elf Sloth: Hi-ya! [hits Peaches' butt with one of the drumsticks]
Peaches: Ow! Not me! [The elf sloth starts playing the drums with a scared look while she stares angrily]
View Quote Peaches: [to Manny; angrily] If anyone deserves to be on the naughty list, Dad, it's you! [walks off in a huff]
Ellie: She told you, huh?
Manny: Well, too bad. I'm a grownup. Grownups don't believe in the naughty list.
[Cuts to Sid crying]
Sid: [crying] I'm not getting Christmas! [mumbles instinctively and continues crying]
View Quote Peaches: [to Prancer, who's flying through the air with her, Sid, and Crash and Eddie] I'm not too heavy, am I?
Prancer: No, you're as light as a feather. [mumbling to himself] A 780-pound feather!
View Quote Peaches: Santa has a naughty list?
Manny: Yeah. And if you're not good, then he puts your name on it.
Crash: We're never good!
Eddie: Then why start now?
[Eddie hits Crash's crotch]
Manny: And if your name's on the naughty list, you don't get Christmas!
[Sid, Crash and Eddie gasp]
Sid: But, NO! Why me? Except the fact that it's my fault.
View Quote Scrat: AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!
View Quote Sid: [sniffles] Why am I on Santa's naughty list?! Why, why?!
Diego: My guess - because it doesn't have a loser list.
View Quote Sid: Ho, ho, ho!
View Quote Sid: I have an excellent sense of direction. [almost falls off a cliff] WAIT! [Peaches, Crash, and Eddie all stop; he lets out a huge sneeze]Ah-ah-ACHOO!
Peaches: [smiling] Bless you!
Sid: Thank you! [walks off the cliff, sending him and the others falling to their apparent deaths, screaming; but then they're all pulled back up by Prancer]
View Quote [after Peaches tells Manny off]
Ellie: She sure told you, didn't she?
Manny: Well, too bad. I'm a grown-up.
[Ellie raises her eyebrow]
Manny: Grown-ups don't believe in the naughty list.
[Ellie rolls her eyes]