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Cindy: [following him] I know you hate Christmas, but what if it's all just a misunderstanding?
Grinch: Don't care.
Cindy: I mean, I myself am having some Yuletide doubts. [Grinch makes snoring noises] But maybe if you can reunite with the Whos and be a part of Christmas...
Grinch: [mimics Cindy in a nasally voice] "Maybe if you can reunite with the Whos and be a part of Christmas…" [normal voice] Grow up!
Cindy: ...then maybe it'll be all right for me too!
Grinch: I'm sorry, your session is over. Please make another appointment with the receptionist on the way out.
Cindy: Please, please! You have to accept the award!
Grinch: [gasps; stops in surprise] "Award"? [rapidly grabs and dips Cindy attentively] You never mentioned... an award.
Cindy: Yeah, with a trophy and everything.
Grinch: And I won?
Cindy: You won!
Grinch: That means there were losers.
Cindy: I guess. So, if you come--
Grinch: [gleefully] A town full of losers! I like it! Was anyone... emotionally shattered? (Well...?) Come on! A minute ago, I couldn't shut you up! Details, details!
Cindy: Well, the Mayor wasn't happy.
Grinch: [with relish] Oh, no.
Cindy: [smiling] Martha May will be there.
Grinch: [smiling back] Oh, she will?
Cindy: [nodding] Mm-hm.
Grinch: And she'll see me... a winner.
Cindy: [nods again]
Grinch: She'll be on me like fleegle flies on a flat-faced floogle horse! [dramatically] WELL, I'M SORRY TO DISAPPOINT YOU, MARTHA BABY, BUT THE G-TRAIN HAS LEFT THE STATION!
Cindy: So will you come?
Grinch: [shrugging] Oh, all right. (I'll think about it.)
[Cindy giggles]
Grinch: [leading her to the front door, acting happy] I don't know if it's that adorable twinkle in your eye, or that nonconformist streak that reminds me of a younger less hairy me, but you've convinced me! Who knows? This Whobilation could change my entire outlook on life!
Cindy: Really?
Grinch: [grumpy again] No. [pulls a rope, opening up the garbage chute beneath her and sending her back to Whoville]

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