N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z #

Johnny: Can we try that kiss over again?
Mavis: [giggles] I think we can.
[Mavis and Johnny lean to kiss but are interrupted by Dracula snarling with his monkey face and the 2 blankly stare at him]
Drac: [looking embarrassed] Sorry! I– I just... I gotta get use to that. Now go. Do... do your thing. [hastily leaves as Mavis and Johnny make their best kiss]
Ending: Zing Song[edit] Johnny: I thought I found a loveBut she was just a flingAnd then I met a girlAnd felt a different thingIt's like you're hit in the ringLike you're pulled by a stringCan't breathe like you're chokingOn a chicken wingIt was a thing called a ZingAnd I wanted to singAnd listen to the balladsOf the man named StingLady looks in your eyesAnd it suddenly springLike when Nala looked at SimbaIn the Lion King
Murray: Zinging in the airAnd I don't have a careI'm winging from the zingThat we shared
Mavis: Zinging in the rainNow I'm feeling no pain
Murray and Mavis: It's a real time for celebrating
Mavis: ‍'‍Cause you're my Zing
Johnny: Drac, ready to throw down?
Drac: No, no. I just came closer to hear you better.
Johnny: Oh, come on, just give it a try!
Drac: Alright, maybe just a little bit. [starts to rap] So listen all you zingers from here to BeijingYou better grab a box of strings and get ready to cling cause if love was money, you'd better be yelling "cha - ching",'Cause next to Zing, cupid's arrow's
Drac and Johnny: A little bee sting!
Drac: It was a Zing and a Zang and a Zingidy-deeAnd there was only one ladyIn the Zing for me cause when you Zing
Johnny: When you Zing
Drac: You better know one little thing the only bling you're gonna sling
Johnny and Drac: Is a wedding ring!
[Drac freezes his friends, Mavis and Johnny, The crowd cheers. Drac unfreezes the gang.]
Mavis and Murray: Zinging in the air
Drac: [freezes his friends and Mavis again] Now I don't have a careI'm winging from the ZingThat we sharedZinging in the rainNow I'm feeling no pain [unfroze his friends and Mavis again]
Mavis and Murray: It's a real time for celebrating'Cause you're my Zing
Drac and Johnny: [rapping] Feel the Zing, y'allBa-da bring, y'allGonna knock you right outta that ring, y'allBetter bring, y'allHappening, y'allPay attention to the undead king, y'allHO HOHO HOHO HOHO HO

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