N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z #

Drac: Jonathan! Jonathan, can you hear me?! [sees a Twilight movie on the plane]
Edward: Tell me, do you dream of being a vampire?
Drac: This is how we're represented. Unbelievable. Jonathan! Jonathan, can you hear me?!
Johnny: [notices] Whoa, bat! Wait, it's talking. Dracula, is that you?
Drac: [mouthing from the other side] I am sorry!
Johnny: Huh? Dracula… [on Drac's side] I can't understand you!
Drac: What, "my hand's in a tan shoe"?
Johnny: [on his side] What, "Japan's eating lamb stew"? [Drac slumps his shoulders and makes an irritated look. This isn't working.] Hey, do you know you're smoking? [Drac flies into the plane's windshield to make an announcement for Johnny]
Pilot: What the heck? How'd a bat get up this high? Folks, I'm gonna turn on the seat belt sign just a precaution while we–[[Drac uses his magic powers to tell the pilot that he wants to take over his voice] While we hear a special announcement for my dear friend, Jonathan.
Johnny: Dracula?
Pilot (Dracula): My dear boy, I have made a terrible mistake. I was trying to keep my baby to myself, because I knew I would always protect her… but I realize now children need to discover things for themselves. They'll stumble and fall, laugh and cry, but such is life. The truth is... you and Mavis are meant to be. You zinged! If she must give her trust to someone else, I'm thankful that it is you, Jonathan. I hope you can hear me, and forgive me.
Plane Crowd: [sees Dracula in bat form outside the window] AAAHHHHH! [Jonathan sees Dracula outside the window also, and gives him a smile and a thumbs up to show his acceptance of Dracula's apology; Drac smiles also]
Pilot (Drac): Okay, folks, we're going to make a quick turnaround to... refuel, and then we will be back on our way. [the crowd groans angrily] Quit your whining! I'm burning up out here!

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