N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z #

Johnny: [to Mavis, who's approaching him closely so she could kiss him] Um, Mavis, I'm crazily scared right now.
Mavis: [lovingly] Maybe that's a good thing. [kisses him]
[A suit of armor alerts Drac to Mavis kissing Johnny, and he is enraged; then quickly separates them]
Drac: [whispering to Johnny] How could you, after I shared my pain with you!?
Johnny: [frightened] But-- No--
Mavis: Dad, it was just a kiss.
Drac: No, you're not allowed to kiss!
Mavis: Dad, I'm allowed to do things. I'm not 83 anymore. I'm allowed to like people or go see the world again.
Drac: What?! You saw it! You-you said you didn't like it!
Mavis: Maybe I want to give the village another chance. I need to learn, you know, how to roll with it like Johnny does.
Dracu: No, no, you can't go to the village again!
Mavis: Maybe you can make them see that we can be friends.
Drac: No, that isn't possible!
Mavis: Well, you can't be sure. It's all in how you present yourself!
Drac: No, that won't make a difference!
Mavis: How do you know?!
Drac: Because it just won't!
Mavis: Why?! Why won't it?!
Drac: BECAUSE THAT VILLAGE DOESN'T REALLY EXIST! (OKAY?!) [the music stops, and Mavis and the other monsters are now in a state of shock; a string on Frank's guitar breaks]
Mavis: What do you mean... it doesn't exist?
Frank: [he and the others approach Drac] What did you do?
Drac: I– [defiantly] I did what I had to do.
Mavis: [demanding] What was it? What exactly did you have to do?! Tell me!
Drac: I… I built the town, the staff put it all together, the... the zombies dressed up as the townspeople.
Zombies: [grunting] Uh-oh. [Mavis heart-brokenly wanders]
Drac: [follows her] Please, i-if you really went out there and something happened to you, I... I just couldn't live with myself!
Mavis: But you could live with this - lying to me, tricking me, keeping me here forever when you knew my dream was to go?
[Drac opens his mouth to say something, but a muffled noise is heard]
Quasi: [enters the ballroom] Liar, liar!
[Drac make an "Uh-oh" face and Johnny sneaks out]
Murray: Oil?
Quasi: Uh-uh-uh! [muffled speech; translation - "Dracula has brought a human into the hotel!"]
Eunice: English please. Your voice is really annoying.
Fly: Wait, I speak frozen. He says Dracula has brought a human into the hotel.
[The crowd gasps]
Gremlin Wife: A human?
Gremlin Husband: [hugs her] Stay close, Pookie.
[Quasi has another muffled speech; translation - "There is ze human!"]
Fly: He says "There is ze human!". He has a French accent.
[Johnny starts to walk out the doors, but they shut and he sees Esmeralda growling like a dog in front of him. Johnny, Dracula and the monsters gasp.]
Frank: Johnny's not a human, he's my right arm's cousin. [glares at Quasi] He's lying!
Griffin: Yeah, and why is he picking his nose?
[Quasi has another muffled speech; translation - "A long story."]
Fly: He says it's a long story.
Johnny: [to Esmeralda, who's running amok in his face and hair] Hey! Wait! No! Get off me! Ah! Ew! [Esmeralda squeaks as she wipes away Johnny's make-up, completely blowing his cover.] (Oh, boy…)
[Quasimodo has another muffled speech; translation - "Behold ze human!"]
Fly: He says "Behold ze human!".
[The entire crowd screams and runs in panic]
Frank: [horrified] I don't believe it.
[Among the panicking monsters, Mavis walks closer to Johnny, as he gives a worried and regretful expression]
Mavis: Is it true? Are you a human?
Johnny: [guilty] Yes… I'm so sorry…
Mavis: [hugs him lovingly] I don't care! I still want to be with you.
Jonathan: (Really?) [sighs in relief and wants to hug her back until he sees Drac looking really worried, and he remembers what he told him earlier] Uh... Well, tough! 'Cause I don't want to be with you, because... you're a monster! [Mavis gasps] And I hate monsters! [heads to the door] Goodbye! [as he leaves, he scares Murray by trying to give him a Bruce Lee kick]
Murray: Please, don't hurt me!
[Johnny gives Mavis one last stare of hatred and heartbreak and heads out the door. Drac tries to comfort the heartbroken Mavis, but she angrily wheels around and faces him.]
Mavis: THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT! [turns into a bat and flees the room, leaving Drac to feel bad about her]
[The other monsters, also angry with Drac for his lies, leave the room as well.]
Monster 1: We're getting outta here!
Monster 2: I am never coming back here!
Monster 3: "Human-free"!? What a rip!
Monster 4: I thought I smelt a human.
Monster 5: Oh, yeah, ice machine? Also broken!
Martha: [voice-over] Two lonely bats crashed in the night…They felt a Zing, love at first sight.They knew right then, they would be husband and wife.For a Zing only happens once in your life.Your Zing will come, my love… Cherish it.Love, Mommy.
Mavis: [still heartbroken and in tears after Johnny left] I thought we zinged, Dad.
Drac: [surprised] You and Johnny?
Mavis: I guess it was only me, but you should be happy, Dad. There's no reason for me to leave. I have no more dreams. I'm just like you now.

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