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View Quote Jody Domergue: How ya doin', dummy?
Daisy Domergue: Better now I see your ugly face.
View Quote John "The Hangman" Ruth: One of them fellas is not what he says he is.
O.B. Jackson: What is he?
John "The Hangman" Ruth: He's in cahoots with this one, that's what he is. One of them… or maybe even two of them is here to see Domergue goes free.
Major Marquis Warren: Are you sure you ain't just being paranoid?
John "The Hangman" Ruth: Our best bet is this duplicitous fella ain't as cool a customer as Daisy here. He won't have the leather patience it takes to just sit here and wait. If he can't handle it, he'll stop waiting. He'll try and create his opportunity. And that's when Mr. Jumpy reveals hisself!
Major Marquis Warren: What do you got to say about all this?
Daisy Domergue: What do I got to say? About John Ruth's ravings? He's absolutely right! Me and one of them fellas is in cahoots! And we're just waitin' for everybody to go to sleep; that's when we gonna kill y'all.
View Quote John 'The Hangman' Ruth: Major Marquis Warren, this here is Daisy Domergue. Domergue, to you, this is Major Warren.
Daisy Domergue: Howdy, ****.
John 'The Hangman' Ruth: [laughing] She's a pepper, ain't she? Now, girl, don't you know darkies don't like being called ****s no more? They find it offensive.
Daisy Domergue: I've been called worse.
John 'The Hangman' Ruth: Now, that I can believe.
View Quote John 'The Hangman' Ruth: So what happened to your horse?
Major Marquis Warren: He was pretty old. I done had him for a bit. When the weather took a turn for the worse, it got too much for him.
John 'The Hangman' Ruth: That's too bad.
Major Marquis Warren: Yes, it is. Me and 'ol Lash rode alotta miles together. You might say he was my best friend, if I considered stupid animals friends, which I don't. Nevertheless, I'm gonna miss him.
View Quote Major Marquis Warren: It ain't so far-fetched, Senor Bob. And it's a little bit more than a theory. How long you say you been workin' for Minnie?
Bob: Four months.
Major Marquis Warren: Mmm. See, if you'd have been here two and a half years ago, you'd know 'bout that sign used to hang up over the bar. Minnie mention that to you?
Bob: [short pause] No.
Major Marquis Warren: You want to know what that sign said, Senor Bob? "No dogs or Mexicans allowed."
[Mannix laughs]
Major Marquis Warren: Now, Minnie hung that sign up the day she opened this haberdashery. And it hung over that bar every day, till she took it down a little over two years ago. You know why she took it down? [Senor Bob nervously says nothing] She started lettin' in dogs.
[Warren walks over to Senor Bob]
Major Marquis Warren: Now, Minnie liked just about everybody, but she sure don't like Mexicans. So when you tell me Minnie went to the North side to visit her mama, well, I find that highly unlikely. But okay, maybe. But when you tell me, Minnie Mink took the haberdashery, the most precious thing to her in the whole world, and left it in the hands of a goddamn Mexican? Well, that's what I meant in the barn when I said "that sure don't sound like Minnie." Now, I am calling you a liar, Senor Bob. And if you lyin', which you are...then you killed Minnie.
View Quote Sheriff Chris Mannix: May I sit down, sir?
General Sandy Smithers: According to the Yankees, it's a free country.
View Quote Sheriff Chris Mannix: Now throw out your pistol!
Major Marquis Warren: I bet he got another one.
Sheriff Chris Mannix: Now throw out your other pistol!
Jody Domergue: I ain't got another pistol!
Major Marquis Warren: Well, you better shit another pistol out your ass! 'Cause if you don't throw one out here in the next two seconds, we gon' kill this bitch!
View Quote Sheriff Chris Mannix: Well, like I said friend, you got me at a bit of a disadvantage.
John "The Hangman" Ruth: Keeping you at a disadvantage is an advantage I intend to keep.
View Quote [After Major Marquis Warren throws the key to Daisy's handcuffs into a furnace]
Daisy Domergue:[screams] YOU MOTHER****ING BLACK BASTARD! You're gonna die on this mountain, and I'm gonna ****ing laugh when you do!
Major Marquis Warren:[shoots at John Ruth's dead body, silencing Daisy] What did I say about talking?!
Daisy Domergue:[whispers] Bastard.
Major Marquis Warren: I meant it, didn't I?
View Quote [Major Warren shoots Daisy in the foot after she tells Chris Mannix to shoot him]
Daisy Domergue: [screaming] Jesus Christ!
Major Marquis Warren: Oh, you believe in Jesus now, huh, bitch?! Well good, 'cause you're about to meet him!
View Quote [last words] Mannix! The coffee...
View Quote [slow motion] You gon' make a deal with this diabolical bitch?
View Quote A bastard's work is never done.
View Quote As my first and final act as the Sheriff of Red Rock, I sentence you, Domergue, to hang by the neck until dead!
View Quote Gentlemen, Gentlemen, I know Americans aren't apt to let a little thing like an unconditional surrender get in the way of a good war. But I strongly suggest we don't re-stage The Battle of Baton Rouge during a blizzard in Minnie's Haberdashery...