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Gremlins quotes

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Randall Peltzer

View Quote [Peltzer residence. Entire Peltzer family, as well as Kate, are surprised to see Mr. Wing, who seems upset with Mr. Peltzer for taking the mogwai lightly (but likely angrier with his grandson for selling Gizmo behind his back). He refunds the $200. Gizmo is watching news footage with family.]
Randall Peltzer: Honey, this is the gentleman who sold me the Mogwai.
Mr. Wing: "Sold". An interesting choice of words. You have taught Mogwai to watch television?! I warned you - with Mogwai comes much responsibility. But you didn't listen! And you see what happens?
[Mr. Wing motions towards TV, which shows the Marine Reserve in Kingston Falls aiding refugees and containing the carnage the Gremlins have caused.]
Randall Peltzer: Hey look, I didn't mean it.
Mr. Wing: You deal with Mogwai just like your society deals with all of nature's gifts! You do not understand! You are not ready.
[Gizmo gets in carrier and Mr. Wing prepares to leave Peltzer residence to return to his shop in Chinatown.]
[Gizmo makes sounds, and Mr. Wing responds in Chinese. He motions to Billy.]
Mr. Wing: He has something to say to you.
Billy Peltzer: You mean you understand what he's saying?
Mr. Wing: To hear, one has only to listen.
Gizmo: Bye Billy!
Mr. Wing: [to Billy, smiling] Perhaps one day, you will be ready. Until then, Mogwai will be waiting.
Randall Peltzer: Sir, before you go, I want you to know I am truly sorry for all this. I want to offer you this. There's one. There's one other one but it's an invention of mine.
Mr. Wing: Ah, smokeless ashtray.
Randall Peltzer: How did you know?
Mr. Wing: Man at gas station try to sell me. Latest word in technology. Very generous of you. I'm sure it will come in handy.
[Mr. Wing begins walking back to Chinatown. Gizmo emerges from his carrier one last time to say goodbye to Barney.]
Gizmo: Bye bye, bark bark woof woof.
View Quote [last lines; narrating] Well, that's the story. So the next time your air-conditioner goes on the fritz, or your washing machine blows up, or your video recorder conks out, before you call the repairman, turn on all the lights. Check all the closets and cupboards. Look under all the beds. 'Cause you never can tell. There just might be a gremlin in your house.
View Quote [seeing a dying Stripe] What the hell is that?!