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Dante quotes

View Quote Monkey, go karate chop that elephant!
View Quote Holy Shit! I am naked... Come on in!
View Quote Suck those jugs, kid!
View Quote The phone is for you. I think it's the Devil!
View Quote Dude anyone can get past a dog, but nobody ****s with a lion!
View Quote I'm not brown... I'm bronzed!
View Quote Dude, you know you can't talk that loud when the lion comes!
View Quote So I looked up in my tree, and there was the ****in king of the jungle. So I called the five-O!
View Quote It's called the Brown Bomber. It'll get you so stoned you'll shit your pants!
View Quote I'll smoke it with you bro, we'll go to the looney bin together. I don't give a ****!
View Quote What is that ringing? Do I have a tumor?
View Quote Drive monkey, DRIVE!!!!
View Quote I'm way too baked to drive to the Devil's house!!!
View Quote This shits ****in crazy!!!
View Quote You mean by girlfriend that piece of rabbit fur you rub on your dick at night?
View Quote Dude, that party was off the hook kid, your girl can drink her ****in face off!!!!!
View Quote I got my yellow belt, monkey got his red belt....he's a quick learner!
View Quote Shut up monkey, i've got company dude!
View Quote You look like a bag of shit. You sure you don't wanna borrow my birthday suit?
View Quote I feel like Tom Cruise in ****tail!
View Quote It's tequila! It's supposed to **** you up!
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