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Alex quotes

View Quote [to children sitting at wedding reception table] So, you can't kill the demon at the end of level six? Do you have the magic arrows? Easy, here's what you do. Hide behind the boulder. When the demon comes out of the cave, shoot him three times with the magic arrows. Then his head will start to spin. Once that happens, you jump up on the boulder, you do a flying downward thrust with the sword of doom, and thats it - level six is done.
View Quote Oh, oh, oh my God! I'm sorry, I can't stop ****ming, I'm sorry! Oh-ho-ho, It feels so good!
View Quote Hey, JP - That's a great outfit. How much do clothes cost in The Matrix?
View Quote My grandma drank all my pot.
View Quote Dude, your bed's a car.
View Quote At least I have a bush!
View Quote You can't get stoned and be an accountant, you make too many mistakes, lose people millions.
View Quote Dude, you do know that lions eat deer right?
View Quote Don't judge me monkey!
View Quote [to J.P. after exiting Samantha's office] You're ****in' weird man.
View Quote I didn't wanna disturb were balls deep in that turtle with a thumb in your mouth.
View Quote Ya I know....west west yo.
View Quote Don't slit your wrists Kahne, im here.
View Quote There was this baby... and i was trying to save it from this fire....
View Quote Ya it was my roomates.....they're crazy....they tied me up. They were having their way with me and right when i was about to call the police....i came....and that was nice
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